Manchester United play a part in the Palinha-Bayern deal 

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Manchester United play a part in the Palinha-Bayern deal The last day of the market crash.

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay has link with a move throughout the summer. But he remains with the club despite. Being approache on the final day of the transfer window.

Scott McTominay has reportedly turn down a move to Fulham on the final day of the Premier League transfer window , allowing him to remain at Manchester United.

On the last day of the transfer window, Fulham were looking for a new midfielder to replace Palinha. Who is set to join Bayern Munich. And they have approached a number of players. One of whom is name. of “McTom”, but was rejecte back. Report from

For this reason, Fulham was unable to find a replacement for the Brazilian player. As a result, the move to join the Southern Tigers had to cancele even though the players had agree personal contracts and taken photos with the new club.

“They (Fulham) tried very hard. There have been contacts with a few players, including Yousuf Fofana and Pierre Hojbjerg, however could not agree with anyone.

“Then the key part of it is Scott McTominay, as I said, Fulham had discussions with the Manchester United midfielder but he declined, so that’s what happened. Well, Palinha’s deal had to fall through because Fulham couldn’t find a replacement,” Romano said.