Ibra believes Messi can lead Argentina to World Cup

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AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes Lionel Messi can lead Argentina to World Cup glory. Because that’s what’s already written.

“White Blue” started the World Cup with a disappointing loss. Saudi Arabia 2-1, but after that, they began to return to form to win in a row and pave the way to the quarter-final

on Tuesday night. Entered to wait for the winner between France and Morocco,

while the “Black Devils” traveled to Dubai to get fit before returning to play Serie A, with Ibrahimovic also on the team and recovering. from knee injury

“It was already written who would win the world championship. Which you know who I mean… I think Messi will lift the World Cup, it’s fixed.”

The Swede also said that France and Croatia are strong nations. But he still believes that Messi’s success will definitely happen. The UFABET report

Messi’s arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo has been eliminated in tears and Ibrahimovic has spoken out about the unattached superstar.

“I think what I said doesn’t matter anymore, everyone wants to be world champion. But not everyone can do that ′

′ Everyone tries. And if you don’t, you’re sure to be emotionally involved. But if you can do it, you’ll be emotional too. In a different way ′′ ′

′ As for the issue of Ronaldo leaving United, I think when things like this happen. We will never know what actually happened.”

“Everyone has said what they want to protect themselves – Ronaldo, United and their head coach – unlike me. because if it was me I’ll tell you exactly what happened,

but we’re all different. Everyone was careful about their image. For me the most perfect image. Is to be yourself ′

′ But in the case of Ronaldo, we will never know the truth.