‘Pep’ names ‘Lisha’ among the top 5 defenders in the world.

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Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, praises Lisandro Martinez as one of the five best center backs in the world. And was a difference maker as they lost to Manchester United in the FA Cup final 2-1.

The 26-year-old Argentinian player started for the second time after recovering from a knee injury. Pair with Raphael Varane, keeping a clean sheet throughout 73 minutes on the field and helping the “Red Devils” defeat their city rivals. Stepping up to the title of champion

“Lisandro Martinez is one of the 5 best defenders in the world,” Guardiola said in an interview about the world champion player. ยูฟ่าเบท After the defeat at Wembley,

“He was the difference maker in this game. By passing the ball through our defence.”

Not only Lisandro but Guardiola also praised rival boss Eric Ten Hag, whose future is still uncertain.

“Ten Hag Both are lovely people. With a great team and a great manager, winning the FA Cup is a major achievement for United, just like we did last year. Now the club has to make a decision.”

Even though they missed the country’s biggest cup competition, But tomorrow City is preparing to return to Manchester to organize a parade to celebrate winning the Premier League 4 times in a row, becoming the first team in history, including the Super Cup and the Club World Cup. which was won last season

“Of course we are very disappointed to lose the final. But this week we still had a great celebration. We have to be proud of the work we’ve done,” Guardiola continued.

“The whole world of football. And real life is like this. You win and lose. But what matters is how you use it on the field. Today the team didn’t give up. and showed his fighting spirit, especially in the second half.”