‘Scaloni’ has already studied how to defeat the Croatia

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Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni Revealed that they have already studied how to deal with Croatia which will play together tonight

Argentina go on to face Australia and the Netherlands in the knockout round. As Croatia beat Japan and one of the favourites, Brazil, to this point,

Scaloni revealed that they learned how to deal with Croatia. and hope to do good work to reach the finals

“They caused problems for many teams. I won’t reach the main players. Or their weaknesses and strengths? But I’ve analyzed how it can damage them,” he said during his pre-match press conference.

“Sometimes it works. but sometimes not We will try to give everything on the field. Sometimes destiny is on your side.”

Croatia were not the favourites to reach the last four again but they came through two penalty shootouts in a repeat of their 2018 exploits.

“They have troubled many national teams. I won’t mention the key players or their strengths and weaknesses but we’ve analysed where we can hurt them. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t,” Scaloni told reporters on the eve of the first semi-final. The UFABET report

“If we do a good job We will go to success more easily. But this is football, this is sport, and sometimes the best teams don’t always win.