R9 wants to see ‘Messi’ win the World Cup

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Ronaldo Nazario admits he would like to see Lionel Messi win the World Cup, despite his feelings as a Brazilian

. Although the start of the tournament was not very beautiful After losing 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in their opening match,

Argentina went on to win over Mexico, Poland, Australia and the Netherlands. Until they met Croatia, which they had to overcome. If he wants to reach the final,

Ronaldo has admitted that he would like to see Messi win the World Cup, even though it goes against his feelings as a Brazilian. while appreciating Argentina’s appetite

While Ronaldo believes Argentina do not play “great football”, he would still be happy for their talisman, Messi, if he crowns his last appearance at a World Cup with the title.

“I’m going to be honest, I can’t say I want Argentina to win, it would be lying,” he told reporters. “I wouldn’t be happy as a Brazilian.

“I would be happy if Messi won the World Cup. But I wouldn’t be happy as a Brazilian,” he told The UFABET.

“We all deserve it. Football is about competing and winning. No one will give you anything for free.”

“Not for his story, not for anything, of course he had a chance. Argentina may not play very well. But they have an unbelievable appetite. All of them ran together, all of them were fierce… And they also have Messi, who is very decisive when entering important areas