How to bet on dice to get money for sure

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It would be good if there was a way to bet on dice to get money. Where betting on playing dice is a kind of bet. Which today will introduce how to play Hi-Lo and how to play in order. To have the right to get money for sure by betting Hi-Lo online. You will not be able to hear the sound of the dice. Because online dice will use a shaker and shake after the betting time has expired. Which is not like playing with home dice It is still enough to listen to the sound of the dice and be able to choose. So playing online You need to have playing formulas and playing techniques to help get more profits and get more money easily. สมัคร UFABET

Hi-Lo game that makes that bet It must have the following formats:

1. Hi-Lo game in a favorite style Is a Hi-Lo bet by stabbing 1-6 points.

2. Hi-Lo game in old style is Hi-Lo betting by playing 2 and 3 dice. But in the bet, must bet 2 points at a time.

3. High-Low Hi-Lo game Is to bet on the points of all 3 dice for the word low bet is The points of all three dice that have been counted together can range from 3-10 points. And the high bet is the point of all three dice that have been counted together and can get 12-18 points. get money

4. Hi-Lo game, 11 Hi-Lo is betting Hi-Lo. Where the points of all 3 dice of bets will have a total of 11 points, so it will be called 11 Hi-Lo games. It’s easy as follows :

Look at the probability of the dice. It will be a toad by looking at the previous game. That The face of the dice in the past game, what score did it give the most? Lets you follow that point as the main point and the table and the secondary. 

1. Low bet Hi-Lo game

In which the sum of all 3 dice points is from 3-10 points in a total of 216 shakes. A total of 108 lows, representing a percentage of about 50%

2. Accurate Teng

From method 1, when in the past 5 games 6 points went out for 4 rounds. Change from Tot to playing Hi-Lo as a favorite. By giving you the favorite 6. When the graph in the past game has 6 points up to 4 games, so then you can bet on the favorite 6 to go hard because the chance to issue 6 points again is very high if you want money. You can follow 6 quickly.

3. Stab by waiting for the stick.

This method will bet only high and low dice only. By allowing you to wait for the stepdaughter by observing from the overall graph which design you shake during that time If it’s still not an addict often, such as long high or long low, don’t play for you to wait for time. because they will definitely have a stroke to get money but have to be patient When it comes out in a row, for example, 2-3 eyes high in a row, it allows you to bet very high, guaranteeing that you will definitely get money back.

4. In betting random dice

which the betting formula for dice This formula is a bet selection of 5 favorites, but will not bet on just 1, starting at the first game. Must look at the possibilities first, for example, if betting on high dice The point of the high dice in the next game will choose to bet on 5 numbers, namely 6-5-4-3-2, but not bet on the number 1, but if in the beginning Comes out as a number that is not high, not low, is in the middle.

Such as number 3 or number 4. The remaining numbers are 6-5-2-1, but if the dice in the first game comes out as any number, it is number 1-2. -3-4-5-6 is a profit of one unit. Or if all 5 of these numbers come out as double numbers, you will get money back, but if using this formula should require a small amount of capital and can also make money But it should be adapted to suit yourself as much as possible.

5. Hi-Lo formula 2, 3 Hi-Lo formulas

This formula will use 3 Hi-Lo bets, for example, if the game comes out as a long 4-5-6, you can place the Toot as 4-5 or 5-6, and if the game comes out as You are correct in either of the 2 you selected. Equally, you will get all the money that is put into that eye, but will gradually practice the skill to look out first. In order to use this formula without fail

6. Statistics of playing Hi-Lo with real testing

There are statistical scholars who have experimented with dice. What will the result be? By testing all 216 dice shakes, the results are as follows: