Office Syndrome, a disease of the new generation.

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Office Syndrome, a disease of the new generation. How to take care of it so that it doesn’t become chronic.

Office Syndrome, a popular disease of modern office workers. who often have a habit of sitting glued to a chair and desk for many hours without getting up and moving Or have breaks to change postures during the day? Can cause muscle pain. Report from

Causes of office syndrome

  • Sitting and working in an inappropriate posture for a long time, such as slouching while typing on a keyboard.
  • Sitting or staring at a computer screen, using a smartphone for a long time
  • Standing or sitting with a hunched back, neck extended, shoulders hunched, or sitting with legs crossed regularly.
  • Carrying a bag or lifting heavy objects for long periods of time

Examples of office syndrome symptoms

  1. Pain, stiffness, or fatigue in specific muscles, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and shoulder blades.
  2. There may be pain radiating to nearby areas as well.
  3. Pain in the head, blurred vision, ringing in the ears.
  4. Symptoms caused by a pinched nerve, such as numb hands, numb fingers, or numb arms.

Care tips

  1. Adjust the environment Adjust the computer screen level Choose a desk and work chair that is appropriate for your body.
  2. You should not sit and work continuously for a long time. You should rest at least every 30-60 minutes.  Do exercises to stretch your muscles. To keep the muscles from contracting
  3. Exercise regularly to promote physical fitness.
  4. If the symptoms are chronic or have increased pain It is recommended to consult a rehabilitation medicine doctor. to undergo evaluation, treatment, or physical therapy Including giving advice on exercising properly.