How to increase muscle without pain and for good health

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How to increase muscle without pain and for good health

A muscle is a part of the body that helps with force and movement. Its function is to support and adjust the posture of moving around. The more flexible and strong the muscles, The more you do various activities. In everyday life, it is more efficient. Nowadays, people are more interested in exercising to strengthen their muscles. But for it to be beneficial, it must be done correctly and safely without causing any subsequent injuries. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Important reasons why we should increase muscle                     

Strength and muscle mass within the body deteriorate with age. In general, the condition Muscle depletion (Sarcopenia) occurs around the age of 30, with muscle tissue gradually decreasing. Muscle mass loss affects the body in many ways. But in people with strong muscles, they will transport oxygen. and nutrients from the blood more efficiently It keeps the heart from contracting as much when doing various activities. It also controls blood sugar levels. and increases sensitivity to insulin, which carries sugar from the blood into cells As a result, blood sugar levels can be maintained. This is a way to prevent diabetes and control weight. There are many types of exercise. But in exercising to increase muscle strength, the emphasis will be on bodyweight exercises (Body Weight) or Weight Training exercises.

Bodyweight (Body Weight) or Weight Training exercise                     

Exercise that uses your own weight. Or your own weight combined with external resistance becomes the resistance force. It is an effective way to increase muscle strength. The bodyweight exercises that help strengthen various muscles are as follows.

  1. Training the muscles in the back of the arms (Tricep Dip)
  2. Squat
  3. Abdominal exercise (Crunch)
  4. Shoulder press with Lunge
  5. Exercising the front upper arm muscles (Bicep Curl)

Behavior before and after weight training exercise

  1. You should start training your muscles with bodyweight approximately 2-3 weeks before training your muscles for pre-weight training or other weight machines.
  2. Exercise and train your muscles 3 times a week and avoid lifting weights every day in a row.
  3. You should warm up your body for 5-10 minutes before exercising.
  4. You should practice exercising your muscles in various positions. Emphasis on repetition rather than full force.
  5. You should have a trainer or expert advise you on correct posture. This is because you may avoid injury if you exercise your muscles in the wrong position.
  6. You should relax your muscles (Cool Down) for about 5-10 minutes after exercising. Including stretching your muscles every time.
  7. People who do strength training exercises correctly will benefit in many ways. Both help increase endurance and strength in playing sports and various activities. Makes concentration better Reduce fat and increase muscle mass Stimulates the body’s energy metabolism all the time. Reduce the risk of injury. Including preventing illness from various health problems.