Congratulations Krista Hennebury!!!

Will email you the pattern … enjoy !!

For you others that didn’t win.., hope to see you at my Craftsy Pattern Store… wish I could give away more patterns…

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The day is here…after months, weeks and lots of days …last night I added the “dO wHat YoU LoVe” pattern to My Craftsy Pattern Shop…wohoo…I’m actually a bit excited and anxious at the same time…but happy to finally have come his far in my personal journey…one step closer to get my life back.

So POP UP THE CHAMPAGNE … 😉 or the Baileys …that’s what I did to celebrate myself… :) and I also want to celebrate it with you with a little giveaway here in the blog…

I’m doing two giveaways…one here on the blog and one on Instagram…you can join both if you want. Here on the blog I’m giving away one PDF file of my pattern “dO wHat YoU LoVe” to one happy reader of my blog…

To be in I want you to tell me what really makes you happy…simple as that!

I will draw a random number on Monday the 27th of November and please make sure you have added an email so I can contact you. If not …I will draw another winner.

My Craftsy store is now open for those that want to buy the pattern…if you buy the pattern and do win I will make it up to you with a little something made by me :).

So let’s celebrate!

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This autumn I tried something new for me…pattern testing…EVEN if I didn’t have the time… 😉 Still decided to give it a go because the pattern looked wonderful…I got a picture in my head at why not…

I pattern tested for Tikkilondon a patchwork shop located in Kew Gardens in London…someday I shall go and visit them that’s for sure! Their entrance is to die for…it has an amazing turquoise/aqua colour! Just that…that’s love.

I wanted to use my scraps…again…it’s a never ending story 😉 …but I do love that story…love my scraps! Saw before me a quilt made on a solid background with these beautiful wheels made up in happy scraps :)

Then I realised …I would never ever make the deadline with making a whole quilt…so I changed plans..happy I could do that 😉 so a pillow was now my target…and then the always recurrent problem was (though a sweet one)…what fabrics to use? My trouble this time was what to use as a background.

So I had to do a bit of testing…I dragged out some unfinished quilts …the ones in the same colours…The Birmingham quilt, The Round Peg Square Hole quilt and a very old one Carolina Crossroads … realise I have some quilting to do in my future 😉 

Up on the wall is the the quilt dO wHat YoU LoVe… and soon the pattern will be finished so stay tuned for a little giveaway :)

After discussions with myself, family and friends I decided to go with the soft blue jeans fabric…after all…Molly loves snoozing on the pillows and a darker fabric do help a bit… 😉 and those wheels looked kind of good on the darker fabric…but still think the pink would be gorgeous 😉 

With a bit of stubbornness and excitement I made the deadline …had fun revisiting big stitch quilting…YAY..So happy I could do it again so there will be more of that in the future…am thinking of the Smitten quilt :) maybe it will be too much …but I can try can’t I? Have some wool batting but also bamboo…wonder which one will be easier to hand quilt? Advices…please :)

Finally the finished pillow… it’s huge and pretty perfect I would say…really LOVE it…

Had a fun photo shoot at Öjeby Church … was one of the first chilly days with minus degrees…had some strange looks walking around the church with a pillow 😉 

We had …my pillow and I a pretty nice time…I only wished I had brought a cup of hot tea with me… :)

I’m so happy for this pillow…one more happy finish to add to my new feeling good home:)

Thankyou so much @tikkilondon for letting me test this pretty pattern for you… 

Now back to the final proofreading and the release of my pattern on Craftsy:)

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