I did sew in June..promise I did! 😜

First I finished my secret project…can show soon!

And then I sewed on my Happy Pincushion Organiser pattern that soon is for sale! Yay!!

Test sewed a few ones …and the more I sew..the more I want to make…I can’t stop!

I have worked on this pattern for ages ..and are tweaking and tweaking adding this and that…but think I call it done soon!

Made new logos to use at the front of the pattern and I’m happy with them… boy this takes time! I’m no pro so it’s a lot of thinking on HOW to do before it’s actually is done..trial and error as well!

Two pincushions were sent to friends…one to Louise and one to Shirley…pink ones both of them. Happy to have pink loving friends 💗💖💗😜

I also made an attempt of making a bag for Shirley…a Weebraw bag…a pattern by Laura Cunningham…

Me and bags! Well now it also shall be said..I was sick and wasn’t my brightest and sharpest myself…😜 so I made EVERY mistake that could be done…I think!

But a bag it became! Phew!

Not the same size, not how I imagined, not the width it was supposed to be…but hey…it’s a bag and I used up some pretty pretty fabrics…😜

Pretty inside…💗

Think it’s cute!

Someone on Instagram said it was kissing lips …and I have to agree !

I will definitely make some more of this bag…I just need to recover from the making of it! No..I’m just kidding…it was an easy bag to make…it was just me…😜sometimes you just shall walk away from the sewing and not be so stubborn…hmm…think I just said something about my father being stubborn…😉

Now I’m almost caught up… yay to me! So see you soon lovelies 💗

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Still catching up…couldn’t let you miss the photo of the cutest midsummer girl!

Midsummer was spent in Arjeplog with my parents so they could see Stella a little bit more…and also to take a look at our family’s old family cradle that had been restored so that Stella could use it.

Need to fix photos of that one!

I made a wreath for Stella to wear on Midsummer Eve. This year it was lots of flowers to chose from, remembering years when only daffodils, or forest flowers were blooming when Linda and Petra was little…

So I was happy finding violets and queen Ann’s lace…

And Stella was the cutest ever wearing her new dress and this wreath on Midsummer eve…

That smile …💗💗💗

Now this Midsummer could have ended with a tradgedy, but happily it didn’t.

My father had a fall into the stream that goes behind the house. He was working with the fence and lost his balance and came under water (very cold). We don’t know for how long he was in the water. But with a a great deal of luck he managed to crawl up and come home. With his balance it was an effort. Water filled boots and mud all over. What makes me mad is that no car stopped and helped him, even if he tried to call their attentions. After a hot shower and lots of blankets, he made a fire and finally stopped shaking… it was a chocking experience.

So we had a HAPPY Midsummer after all! Phew…but that was a close one! Wish my father wasn’t so stubborn!

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When looking back a month ago …this day was such a touching and big day of Viktors life…ending school ( The Children and Leisure programme), leaving his friends and the not knowing of what shall be of the future. But also a most happy day..so a lot of mixed feelings on the graduation day, for all of us …

It started with champagne breakfast and ended with party at Piteå Stadshotell…

Do love his choice of tie!

Running out with his friends with loud music playing and seeing all the family in front of them cheering…that must have been a great feeling…

Then the meeting with family … with signs made, often with pictures from childhood (we chose one from when he was 6 months and his early tennis love 😉), flowers, gifts and fun animals…

Viktor with his dad and grandad and aunt…

and of course a big big hug from me… this picture says it all…there were so much emotional feelings…so we cried a lot.

Here is a close up of the crocheted frog (one crazy animal) I made for Viktor…as an honour to his graduation. Why the frog? First reason…he has always been Prince Charming since day one…💗… second he has always loved green (he was obsessed with green when little, only played with green duplo, painted with only green pens, chose green clothes…you get it… and therefore the frog was cute! Since it was green. This was his green era…so of course he needed a green frog. 😉 Fifteen years or so ago I even made him a small frog/green quilt to remember all this.

Then there was the traditional tractor ride around the town… they had a blast!

And this class made something extra to be proud of…they gave their saved class fund to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund…and for this they came in the newspapers, tv and and I think they also are nominated to becoming this years Piteå citizen.

“No more children should have to die in cancer, therefore we donate most of the class fund to The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund” picture borrowed from @kasselskog

This is so great…what a lovely thing to do…💗

After all this excitement we went to Lars and had a family get together with food and gifts…

Uncle Viktor and Stella…

What a day Viktor…😊 and with this family ended the celebrations while Viktor continued his with the party and his friends…💗

June was a busy month sewing for me…with the secret sewing…still can’t show but it’s getting closer for reveal…

Binding time…

And this little cutie became 3 months…💗

Wow…I’m almost caught up…only a month behind…yay Stina!! Way to go! 💗💗💗

See you soon!

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