Ok.. hope so …because here it is…
Second wall in my first room was for my Schnibbles….
“Summer Cross”
made in Nicey Jane fabrics…
“Sundays Best”
made in Anticipation ( Thankyou Darlene :o)  fabrics made by Sandy Gervais…
 ++++ a lot of my own fabrics from stash
Made from Pink fabrics from stash
And finally
all made in just old swedish fabrics
from mygrandmother and my aunt…
and from my work…
Right in front of the Schnibble Parade on the wall …
I set my table for some dinner guests…:o)
Another Schnibble pattern…
used for my table cloth….
I used all recycled fabrics.. like old table cloths, tea towels…old ones.. and old summer dresses…. and laced the edge…
And a lovely and sweet summer cloth was born…
“White Table Mats”
Recycled some old tablecloths in just white..
made white table mats to match the cloth ….
“Cutlery Hearts”
And recycled some more and made lovely hearts
for the the fork and knife or/and the napkins
Picked fresh flowers the day we left my home.. and I just had to replace a few ones during the week.. despite the warm days… amazing… :o)
On the other side of the door…
I hung my
“Valentine 2010”
Almost sold this one…  but it went home with me and I am happy it did….
Love it so much….
because my friends have made blocks in it..
( If I had sold it.. they promised to make me new blocks… but it wouldnt have been the same…  so I am happy to still have it..:o)
2 walls with quilts showed… :o)
Do you want to see more???
Hope so…
My sweet little doll “Miss Hjärta” made it to the press…
she is in the local newspaper….:o)
And “Fabric Flowers” made from a pattern in one of
Anne Pia Godske Rasmussens books….
She charmed every one… :o)
On the wall above her three little quilts hung….
“Pink Geraniums”
made for my mother
Hmm.. think I have to make one for myself too..
Love this flower….
This little quilt was given to my friend Louise …
it is a Cheri Saffiote pattern…
“Plant Kindness Gather Love”

Made one for myself too… have to find a picture of that one…
used it the last day at the show..:o)
On top of them my pink little quilt hung… made at a class
with Leanne Beasley in Trysil, Norway 2007
“Pink Stitchery Sampler”
Oh … that was a fun class!!!!! :o)
Ordered the pattern for Butterfly Garden then…
received it at Christmas time…. and have been working on it ever since….
and all I can say.. it is finished..:o) Pics will come..:o)
And a little view from the room…
so you can see it from a distance….
and me in my “White recycled tunic”  … :o)
Getting late here… so I think we will save some pics for later…

Hope you enjoyed these ones…
and thanks for stopping by to see my exhibition….
See you soon… and hugs!!

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Thought you did!!!!
And so did I
So thankyou for keeping on sending pictures and share with me…
So happy to be able to share all the heart with you all…
Lots of fantastic ideas…
Just enjoy!!!
First out is Marit in Norway 
who made these lovely hearts 
Perfect for a little space….
And Lovely Carrie
…have stitched the hearts on white napkins….
(Hmmm. she has nine napkins… wonder if I shall make some more hearts…:o)
Next fantastic one is from Mary at 
who sewed this beautiful table topper
Love the setting on this one… 
And these pretty pink ones 
came from 
Dawn at
Thankyou …Thankyou girls  
for sharing the lovely things you made…
It really warms my heart to see them all..
Have a wonderful week…
Still at home taking care of my bugs… :o(

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and I have some more wonderful Hearts made…
just in time for Valentine´s day!!!
First out is Nola
and she did this one too …as a gift..
someone got happy…
And I showed Catherine´s unfinished Hearts before..
and this is what she made…. 
paper pieced hearts and stitchery…
Catherine at
And I have been following Terry´s progress from the first hearts…
she was the first one to show some hearts… 
LOVEly…. :o)
by Terry at 
And just recently these beauties came…
from Norway 
by Solveig at
Really love these…
Think I have to make lots of lots and fun stuf with the hearts..
not just the One thing I had in mind for them…
I am so happy for what you have showed me…
I am amazed..
all the creativity and lovely things made
and I know more are still in the making… :o)
 I want to say one thing more..
Just because it is Valentine´s Day tomorrow…
Please dont stop sending in what you have made…
Hearts can be made anytime anywhere all the YEAR..
not just for Valentine…
So send pictures!!!! :o)
I hope you have enjoyed this and have had some fun..
I know I have had…
Thanks to you!! :o)
and I have sewed some..
made one tunic..
easy peasy one.. recycled..:o)
(Just maybe..you will see me in this one someday… :o)
and I have just oiled the machine for 
I am going to quilt some on my pink Schnibble!!!
See you…

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