Hello again…:O)
I´m just feeling sooo giving ….
so after several questions on how to make my cute paper hearts for the little Christmas tree…
I decided to make a little HOW TO make them…
Step 1:
*Find a book…
(not to old, because then the paper will brake when folding the hearts)
For one heart you will need:
*Your Sewing machine…
*A template (just draw a heart out on a piece of paper the size you want)
* Three pieces of paper for the heart
* One wooden pearl ( or whatever you wish..:O)
*Stack the three pieces on top of each other
with the template on top…
Step 2:
*Cut out the heart using scissors
(don´t mark…it will not look good with pencil marks)
Never mind if it becomes a little uneven…
handcraft ..you know..;O)
Step 3:
*Thread your machine with the desired thread
( I used white)
*Draw out some start thread
(enough for making the hanging loop)
*Set your needle in down position
*Line the three layer hearts against the needle
*Lower the pressure foot
*Start sewing
(I used 2.2 stitch length)
*Stop at the end of heart
Step 4:
*Draw out the heart so some thread will follow
(you will need this to thread the pearl)
Step 5:
*Now it should look like this.. :o)
Step 6:
*Thread the end threads with a needle that goes
in the hole of your pearl…
*Decide what length your pearl will hang
*Sew up and down through the hole twice and knot the thread off.
(Tie well)
*Make a hanging loop of the starting thread…
*Fold out the bottom and top heart a little bit
And voila..
Make lots and hang in your tree!!! :O)
Hope this easy little tutorial is easy to follow…
wish you luck… Have fun..:o)
Just ask!!!

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