so Im better thank you!!!
Have been home all week.. not being able to sew anything..
strange feeling… :o)
But have been organizing things in the sewing room..
which was pretty much needed…
It looked like a bomb was dropped after
my packing to Norway and my homecoming!!!
What do my kids learn about this behavior!!! lol..
Dont do like your mother!!! :o)
Finally have everything packed up…
and this is what I bought…
Gails new fantastic book
oh..lots of things are going to be made from this one!!!
Love baskets!!!
Have lots of them ..filled with sewing related things..
all over the house…
A new scissor.. and I found a pink one.. says its for paper..
but works perfectly in fabric..  I
Some new applique needles
that they say are the best!!!
And new lovely fabric to play with!!!!
I think it says Stina on every one of…
Got my blocks made from the class up on the
design wall yesterday…
Hopefully I can manage to cut out some squares
for the  pinwheels today…
Will take a photo later… :o)
Earlier this week I got mail from USA..
and she was so kind to send out her new pattern
to every one that had commented on a post of hers
about Mocking birds…
and well I didn’t know a thing… :o)
but got one anyway!!!
and it´s signed… :o)
She has so wonderful patterns and I love them all..
she has some new ones that I think I have to buy!!! :o)
Have some of her patterns
in my collection of patterns… ;o)
and I hope to get them sewed one of these days!!!
Things have gone back to normal here…
All the fun from the class I have saved in my heart..
and will keep me smiling all winter…
Thanks again all !!!
Hope Gail and Leanne had a safe trip home!!
See you later and have a fun weekend!!

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ohhh… Last day …and end of class…
Thankyou to Siw at Quiltegården 
for arranging the class, having the wonderful shop to be inspired in
and THANKYOU to the wonderful , creative and fun teachers…
….Leanne Beasley and Gail Pan….
Well I didn’t do so much the last day either…
but I webbed all my 12 blocks..decided not to
needleturn mine… but with reflection…
they might have been finished by now…
thinking of the long way home in the car…and lunch hours..
Here are some of the things made from the two days…
Ohh.. we had fun girls…hadn´t we????
The class!!!
The bloggers….
At the back (left to right)
Laila, Gro, and Gail
Middle row
In front
Thanks girls for a fantastic weekend!!!!
A fantastic adventure and filled with a lot of VITAMIN Q
we headed home to Sweden..
first stop in Östersund…slept over…
In the morning we took some last photos and
played a little in Louise sewingroom
(we found lots of wonderful little blocks laying around…lol)
setting up a new challenge between us…
Louise, Marica and Me
…making small blocks and exchange them…
this will be so much fun!!!
After that we took our machines to the Sewing machine Doc…
Maricas machine became “rigid operated”
(screen light in just one option)
but OK…:o)
And mine a little adjusted…
and hopefully a happier machine!!
And then we sat our HOME!!
After 10 miles.. we needed a break.. Ok I did..
bought ice cream…
Temptation it was…
But who knew we were heading for snow just 20 miles later
Yikkees!!!! Brrrrrr…
Came to Marica at evening…
Thanks to you Marica for driving all the way
a total of circa 145 swedish miles…
Crazy ..but oh so much fun…
Slept over and took bus home …
and that was nice too..having been
 a “little” missed..:o)
The not so fun part was all the plumbing I had to do…
dishwasher didn’t work..
and guess what.. he saved that for me…:o(
But after two days.. fiddling with it.. it worked!!!
Have I packed up yet then…
Had hope for yesterday.. and yesterday for today..and this morning I hardly got out of bed… Lumbago!!! :o(
So today everything goes VERY slowly!!!
But I will pack up!!!
Need to see what I bought!!! :o)

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Hope so…:o)
I do it anyway…
Such sweet memories!!  ;o)
Still have lots of photos from the shop
Do you think I was in real trouble getting here…???
Im just sorry that Norway is an expensive country to shop in…
Otherwise it might have been a lot more shopping..:o)
Think I dived in to the repro fabrics…hmmm
It will be a surprise..
Still haven’t packed up my treasures from Norway…
Today it will happen…
Oh I long..:o)
almost like…
Temptations all over….
Think I show pictures of some nice people
 I met instead…
Take a look at Sølvis box with DMC..
Just like candy!!! :o)
Fun to get a face to some bloggers..
So I caught you on picture Oddbjørg…. :o)
Marianne is going to have a lovely version of
Gails  Laila´s Garden…
nice browns, pink and greens….
My IDOL photos…. :o)
I said to my son when I got home and had posted my pictures
 on the header… of me and Leanne and Gail..
that this was meeting was as if he had met Rafael Nadal!!!
-NAH!!! he said… :o)
-Yes I said…
Still think “Rafa” had been better …he…
More pictures from the shop….
Just lovely!!! :o)
still have some more pictures…
will post later..
and ohhhh….
it seems like it has been on TV in Norway…
So take a look..
and pheew..Im glad I was cut out of the…

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