But first… Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas!! ?

I had a lovely time..not the way we had planned it to be…a walk down memory lane celebrating Christmas in Grannies house with all of the clan… didn’t happen…a stomach flu stopped that…so next Christmas we will try again…☺️ this Christmas was spent at my daughters new house and with my children. ?❤️️?

This year have just passed, can’t figure out how, and am realising it’s soon 2017… and I long for that. Can’t wait for 2016 to end, it have had it moments and I see the light…so I’m welcoming a new year! ☺️

Talking about years… Scandibee year…? my second year with this fantastic group of lovely quilters has come to an end and I have not posted pictures of all the lovely blocks made within this group.

Made a collage of the blocks I have sewn this year…so many fun and different blocks to try out…thankyou for keeping me sewing this year ladies!

From left top to bottom right:

January: Black and blue half log cabin blocks … my blocks

February: Kaleidoscope blocks … Ruth’s blocks. You can find a tutorial for the block here

March: Four Stars …Karen’s blocks

April: Four crosses (instead of five) …Hanne’s blocks. You can find the tutorial here

May: Herringbone …Belinda’s blocks. You can find the tutorial here

June:Pebbles… Nina’s blocks

July: Broken star … Annika’s blocks

August: Card trick…Maja’s blocks. You can find the tutorial here

September: String X…Louise’s blocks. You can find the tutorial here

October: Checker…Marica’s blocks. You can find the tutorial here

November: Mini Churn dashes…Sigrun’s blocks

December: Modern block…Jenny’s blocks

What a fun year…and guess what we will run this another year…so here we go Scandibee 2017, and I’m sure it will be as much fun as this year have been.

Now to sew my blocks together though…☺️☺️☺️

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This month it was Karen at Quiltyliving on Instagram to be Queen bee.
She chose a block with four soft palette coloured stars on a white cream background.
I made these blocks for her… :)
A lovely block and yes I have said it before…it will be another great Scandibee quilt!

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I got the loveliest pincushion from my swap partner
Karen Sofie in Denmark…
She had read me very well trying to find out what I liked …
A soft palette, pretty fabrics ( look at that strawberry) and the hexagons…
Well I have never made a hexagon quilt…YET… But I so love them…
and I had them on my inspiration board I sent for her to be inspired by.
The quilting on it is fantastic…and a fun one!
And it's two sided… So so clever…
Love the modern Christmas tree on the other side!
I am so so happy for my pincushion…
Karen's handiwork is brilliant!
Have used it every time I sew!
Thankyou Karen!

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