I have had a wonderful sewing weekend as always with my quiltingqroup…lot of laughs and lots and lots of sewing. I am so greatful for theese weekends…they are worth soooo much!!
Kristina had a surprise for us on Fridayevening and we were to make this lovely little purse…and I didn´t have any fabrics for it my bag!!! .. So …Thanks Cici for letting my dive in to your fabrics…lucky me that you had my kind of colours. The purse was really fun and fast to make…even I couldn´t mess it up!!
On Saturday we exchanged blocks with each other. We are about to sew 6 blocks for each other and trade every month..theese are mine for them to sew for me…or to Viktor…cause he is the one who is going to have a new quilt for his bed!! He loves green!!! I will not see the result until they reach me sometime in the summer… 30 blocks in all… I´m so curious already!!!
On Saturday I sewed all hourglassblocks and sewed the Ohiostars together…I really LOVE them…hope it will look really good with the railfenceblocks too!!
Couldn´t resist in laying the Ohiostars together just to get a hint on the colours!!
On Sunday I sewed my half star blocks ready…it´s getting closer for solving the mystery!! And so was the weekend over in no time and off to home on snowy roads. I think it must have snowed 20 cm…maybe more!! Thankyou my dear friends for a lovely weekend…sorry you missed it Marica…and we missed you ! Tomorrow I´m off to a new job so now I guess I will be too tired to sew for a week or so …but I do hope I will have some energy left for sewing anyway…fingers crossed!!!

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