I have had a wonderful morning …have been able to sew. ;D … Have been so tired this week…so
my thoughts were that I never could or would sew again… a disaster!! But after one days rest I happily padded my quilting friend ( my pfaff) and said: -Hej….vill du leka idag ? -Hey…do you want to play today? And we had a ball… I almost finished my Carolina Crossroads top… Have the corners and the borders still undone…need time to think how I will continue. I made my top rectangular…and got one star block left…Don´t know what will become of that one…and I do have some nine patches and railfence blocks left tooo..
I love the way my CC become… it´s really soft and pale… It looks so blue in the winterlight outside…much warmer colours indoors…
Next weekend I´m going to Örnsköldsvik for a quilting course with Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen and I really need to pack for that weekend. Have been looking through my stash…and …I do NOT have enogh fabric….;D I think… So now I have to figure out a way to solve that problem……. – Maybe some more…Ohh no …not more fabric….;D

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En steg till gjort!!! Börjar komma ikapp lite och det känns gott… Har nu steg 5 kvar…och då skulle jag ju haft den fiffiga linjalen som fortfarande är i Californien…får se om jag gör dem i alla fall. Alla tyger ligger ju redan och väntar i en “organiserad” röra. Gissar att Bonnie skickar del 6 ikväll eller imorgon!!
One more step on the way..feels wonderful…catching up step by step…pheew… Just one step behind …number 5 and I´am without that magic ruler!!! I might do them anyway in another way..more timeconsuming…but I´m not the most person to be concearned about that!! ;D Still got my fabrics all around my sewingroom in some sort of organized mess…so it feels better to cut out the pieces now…instead of waiting for the ruler …which is a couple of weeks away..Eagerly waiting for Bonnies posting on clue 6…maybe tonight or tomorrow.

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Catching up ladies!! It feels good to make one step a day now so I can be more prepared on Thursday when Bonnie puts up step 6… So I am not quite there yet…two more clues to go…pheew… Hope to make at least step 4…cause I haven´t got my ruler yet…it is somewhere in California for the moment…with Louise… I am a “bit” jealous of her who is “Over there” and having a wonderful time!! I wish it would have been me!! Have a VERY good time Louise!! And think of me ;D…now you can see what kind of fabric I´m running out on!!! ;D
Step 3 More Nine Patches

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