Today it’s the last day of 2016…will end that with the knowledge I can do a lot. Have stitched my bumps…and will continue on this Road to Recovery…more bumps will come ahead…but for now the uphill struggle is more of a challenge than a Mount Everest…and for that I’m grateful…❤️️

For me…I’m going to start fresh and let it be time to dream big…❤️️ …and a word that will follow me will be confidence!

It’s time to believe in myself and my powers…☺️ bring on the new year…2017…❤️️


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I can not describe the feeling of happiness when finally being able to start a creative process…? a relief and big big sigh of “let go” can finally leave me.

With many months of disbelief in myself, a feeling of will this ever be good, a roller coaster with emotions and sickness… I can now say I am on to something ( cross my fingers and hope I’m not too quick here) at least something have happened. Feel more at ease, not loosing weight anymore…which means I can eat ( still on my strict diet), have filled up my levels of vitamins and minerals, getting support for my stressed adrenals..and lots more. Still have a hopeless thyroid… But can’t have everything…Sleep is better…instead of just a couple of hours have now doubled! ☺️ hmmm..still have a lot to work on there..but crossing fingers… ☺️ lets hope I’m on my road to recovery and not sidetracked all the time!

Sewed I said!!

Yes yes yes…I’m making BLUEBERRIES!!!


This Summer/Autumn I found a closeby place with blueberries when walking Molly, picked for breakfast ( both Molly and me…she LOVES blueberries ? ) and we have enjoyed lots. Blueberries have always been my favourite, no allergies there..thank goodness…

So when I saw a picture of the Australian Homespun Magazine and a quilt made by Sarah Fielke… I just saw blueberries …no apples…but BLUEBERRIES… ☺️

Started sewing at once…and I’m in LOVE..they are the cutest ever! 

Haven’t come that far…and for now I’m just sewing for fun!! Have no plan what so ever…do we need that? NOPE!!

And what was it that got me into all this sewing….it was my SCRAPS! One day I just picked one box of colours…happened to be a blue one… So from now on…do not EVER underestimate the POWER OF SCRAPS! They got me playing.

And more scrappy happenings happened…  But more of this another time… Now I do need to try and find out if I can post my blogpost from the WordPress app… More fingers crossed!!

See you all lovelies! 

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Some of us hadn’t slept at all 😉 and worked on the quilt at home…
Christina with her fantastic quilt…
A quick “fika” and then we were on track again…sewing…sewing…and having so much fun!!
Anna-Greta working on her quilt in pink and blues…
And here is Vega with her fun variation…
And Maria working on another variation
The technique was creative, just set your mind free and try
fun different settings, there is always another way to see something…
and the quilts DID change during these two days…
from one shape to another, adding something else…because the quilt needed just that.
Really FUN!
Louise in her creative chaos making letters…
Krista demonstrating mitered corners on my quilt …
Fika time and some thankyou gifts from us to Krista…
We gave her a bracelet that is very common from around here,
but with a modern twist, a triple, braided pewter bracelet in lamb skin with a reindeer horn button.
The Sami people have made pewter wire bracelets for hundreds of years in the Sami culture.
Think it was the Sami that invented the spun pewter wire.
And she also got a tea towel from a local designer… :)
The last hours in class created a light frenzy among us…
Some came as far as to quilting the quilt…
and some like me still fiddling with nothing and everything… :)
Got some mitered corners done anyway… 😉
Love the look when the improved strips meet in the corner.
And then all of a sudden it was time to end and to show what we had done…
Christina’s quilt layerd for quilting…do wonder what they discussed?
Paparazzi photo shoot of our work… 😉
From left to right…top
Stina, Anna-Greta, Vega and Maria’s quilts
From left to right…bottom
Marica, Louise and Gunillas quilts
Christina had to leave early so that’s why her quilt ain’t on the wall of fame! 😉
Ahhhh… I think we did good…didn’t we girls!!
For the best class ever!
The last night at the cabin went too fast …
and all of a sudden it was morning and time to say goodbye…
Did remember to take a photo of my gorgeous gift from Krista
The “Stepping Stones Table Runner”
Love it!!
Thankyou Marica, Louise and Krista for making this little mini holiday in the
cabin the best… filled with lots of laughter and happiness!
And again Krista
Thankyou for coming to my part of the world,
teaching us how to IMPROVE (pronounce: impråvve) 😉 our quilts
It’s been such a pleasure!
Btw…Krista do you still know how to pronounce
Bye bye …see you !!!

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