Finally FINALLY…I finished my pattern of the “Happy Pincushion Organiser” … now I can take big big sigh of relief…have had it on my todo list for ages…but somehow I have managed to prolong this to the longest….ever!

And this needs to be celebrated..doesn’t it!!! Do I hear a YES…I hope so…😜

I will be giving a way one 8 pages PDF pattern with step by step instructions and lots of pictures here on my blog …and on Instagram I will be giving away two more patterns.

And as always..I LOVE hearing from you…you are the reason why I love to blog …so this time I’m very curious to know…


Easy Peasy… let me know in the comments and I will add you to the draw! And if you want to sign up for my newsletter…that is up to you….I wouldn’t dream of forcing you to sign up just for a giveaway…💗

Giveaway will be open until Sunday the 5 th Of August…somewhere until I go to bed! 😉

My Happy Pincushion Organiser is a most fun little Pincushion to make…I have made nine already..and I’m sure I will make lots more.

It started with these 4 ones… one for us all in our sewing group “Kreativa Tanter” …roughly translated to Creative Ladies… can’t find a word for our Swedish word “Tant”…an “older” lady, love having a cup of tea or coffee and fika and chatting with friends and at the same time doing something crafty! Anyone know if there is a word for that?

The pincushions made…one for Tant Gul 💛 (Yellow=Lilian),Tant Blå 💙 (Blue=Carola), Tant Rosa 💗 (Pink=Åsa) and Tant Grön 💚 (Green=Me)… how fun it was to give these away… ❤️

Then I made one for my lovely therapist Kicki…she was the sunshine on my winter days…so she needed one too🧡

Orange one for her… see how very scrap friendly this Pincushion is!

This spring I made two more…needed a lot of testing to do and also photos to take…

This one have now gotten a home with Louise…💗

And this one lives at the home of Shirley in England…💗

Here I took a pause in my pattern writing for some reason…phew…so I needed to dust my memory off so I made one more and almost finished the pattern..

Made with scraps that was on my cutting table from my lastest sewing…the secret one!

Here I changed a bit to the pattern…added that…and I also got a new idea…so I had to make another…😜 my latest one…and this one is now officially my favourite!

I added a holder for my sewing thread! Yay…now I can have it even more organised!I found the perfect button…this one have come all the way from Australia as a gift…and now it came to perfect use!

It’s the perfect size to sit on my sewing machine too… 💖

Hope you will love making one for you and lots for your friends…

Pattern can be bought at my Craftsy storeI appreciate every little buy …means more than you know!

And good luck in the draw! 💖💗💖

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What a summer we have had…it beats everything…it’s like being abroad…on a vacation by the Mediterranean Sea! Can’t even remember having had temps below 20 C (actually 25C)…and this is VERY VERY unusual… can’t complain on not having enough sun this summer 😜

But first…had one more cute little finish I quite quickly made to my surprise! Got this Toy Ball 2 Trio pattern by Lina’s Patchwork from Shirley.

Stella is now gripping for things so I made a little gift for her on her 4 months day.

Scraps I have lots, so it was an easy pick for Stella that loves orange (right now 😍)

Hand sewing …how I have missed you! It was so much fun…and having my sweetest companion close as usual..I sewed these little pieces together quickly!

Voila! A little little CUTE ball!! I’m quite proud of myself..actually 😜

Stella 4 months…already…and when writing this…she’s on to her 5 month…it’s crazy how quick time flies!Summer..yes…how I have enjoyed my balcony life…these are som pics from Instagram showing our incredible summer and some sweet memories.

Reading, both day and night (thanks to our light nights), the warm days and warm nights (can’t remember sitting outside so late and not freeze), crochet and sweet family times with game night playing outside and cuddling with Stella. Just incredible! I have enjoyed it, know there are downsides with all the fires and other horrible things happening. But in my little space on earth have been good. Even headaches have been away!

Lavender and Geraniums…💗💗💗 …happiness!

And this little cutie! Even more happiness…💗I even had myself a glass of wine this summer! Was ages ago! So cheerio…

see you soon!

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So..are you surprised…two posts with just a few days in between… 😉 … I am!

Have been sick all week in a cold that my dear son gave to me…but hope it will pass soon…so to amuse myself I have been going nuts on Instagram and it’s hopeless feed with posting new and old post at no chronological order… with that I just realised..I need to blog more… so here I am.

May (and April too) … ahh …those gorgeous months we had with wonderful summer temps and the melting snow … and to prove that..this is a picture of that much loved son …sunbathing in the middle of April…see no leaves on the trees 😊 and still snow on the rooftops…

The quilting was slow and with that said…I finished my quilt Happy Trees …the very very last days of April… so…I had to add a April label to my quilt. Ha…how stupid of me to think I was going to be finished in March… really silly.

You who read part one…knew we went to Arjeplog to catch the last snow to photograph the quilt…and of course a visit…

Happy dogs..especially Molly I she could run free…Elsa and Maya were not that happy being run over by monster Molly… phew

It was a lovely day with my so much loved sun…and Petra took lots of great photos of my quilt.

I freehand quilted the arcs on this quilt…and I think it turned out much more beautiful than I had imagined… I wanted it to look like snow piles..and I think it does!

Did not put a binding on this one…I kind of have fallen in love with the airy look the face technique gives…I highly recommend to try it… there are several tutorials to search for on the internet.

My happy face of having a happy quilt finished…and one that I made from my own ideas from start to finish… have had lots of wishes to make this one as a pattern…maybe I will…but it will be a booklet…huh…since there are not one block alike and a gazillion of other pieces…maybe I’m crazy enough to give it a try.

Last snow and standing by the lake next to mum and dads place with one of the many mountains in the background that my brother happily climbs up and down with his family in the challenge Top of Arjeplog.

See you soon… it’s kind of a promise…😉

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