I tackled the next block for Scandibee…the August block for Mariana in Spain (@cosertejercrear) … and I had been such a good girl and prepped these before I left  home… :) …guess what…well did I cut the right sizes? … NOPE… of course I didn’t… so we tried to see if Louise had the same fabrics… but not…so I did what I (and Louise) does when running out on something…we piece it!

I don’t mind at all I think it adds to a quilt..but not everyone likes it…so I’m not sure Mariana does…if not I will sew another block for her… What do you do? Rip it up and sew totally new fabrics to the block? Or like us? Maybe something else…share please. 

Do you see where it is pieced? If I hadn’t told you…would you have noticed? 😉

Nice to have caught up on the Scandibee blocks… Septembers block instructions are coming any day now… :)

Enjoyed seeing some of Louise’s new made quilts…

Love this colour combination… 💗  This is a quilt made from joining in on a sew-a-long on Instagram and on @fixer_of_old_quilts feed.  Love Louise’s happy colour choices.

And finally I got to see the quilt Louise did in the class we had with Krista Hennebury here two years ago… which reminds me that I haven’t finished mine… it will come :)

Isnt this clever… sewing her initials into the border of the quilt… 
This quilt is a happy splash of colours!! Makes me jump with joy! Happy happy happy :) 

Next quilt is her latest quilt made from Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts… she has done quite a few of them…how many I don’t know…Louise you have to share how many you have made  :)  This quilt is called En Provence… 

See if you can see the pieced fabric here… 

You can imagine the lavender fields don’t you … it’s a beauty…

This is a dose of what I got at Louise’s … love the menu.. :) more of that!
Will show what I started when being with Louise in my next post… see you 

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to finally get my acts together and drive down to Östersund and visit Louise… all I can say is that I didn’t remember how far it was… 😉 phew… it took me 9 hours… 

Have feared driving because of my headaches… now it was time to test myself and just do it! And I did it!! Yay to me! 

Beautiful art by @parscaeli

Of course I got tense and got headaches but that was minor to my happiness of being with my beautiful friend Louise…

Had a lot to catch up on… sharing this and that under some quilts in her lovely garden watching her husband and son build on their new patio… 

Found some quilts that I have made at the house… that’s happiness…

Love her warm cosy friendly home filled with lovely quilts everywhere… this one brought lovely memories from a trip we made to Trondheim and took a class with Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley… how fun wasn’t that! Isn’t it gorgeous!

A work in progress… some Splendid Sampler blocks added with added blocks of her own ..and it’s a pink burst of joy!

Ain’t this one just it… a typical Louise quilt in her pinks and blues with a splash of yellow!

We also managed some sewing the first days… in between catching up, rest and the busy life in the Short family with visitors, visiting and sleeping over grand children and Louise’s care of her parents… this family does everything with the heart and fills me with such peace and love

July Scandibee blocks made by both me and Louise for May Kristin in Norway (@krispquilt) ….Lots of Flying Geese in a lovely colour way in greys and aqua.

Thanks for being all this to me Louise…

More to come in another blogpost … see you!

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Life took a turn none of us in my family thought would come… In March my mum got both a cerebral and a heart infarct, looking back with all the circumstances happening..happy ones and a bit of luck and a strong mother it have gone beyond good.  After a week they sent her home, the medical staff amazed and they couldn’t believe the happy outcome, they didn’t think she would make it when she came in. So today we are all so grateful for having her back…up and about …almost as she was before the strokes.

Mum stayed with me for weeks getting back to health, alternating between my brother and me while they made changes to their home … so it would be easier for her.  It was so great seeing her progress from day to day… from not being able to write to do crosswords easily…no balance to walk the stairs…it was amazing. Couldn’t be happier than this.

In all this I’m so grateful for my family, we stood strong and united and all gathered supporting each other…thankful for my family, and the strength we all could give.

At Easter, next accident happened..my sweet black lab Molly hurt herself on something and needed surgery… once again we were lucky that we were on our way home from Arjeplog and happily the vet was available on the way home… distances are our nemesis up here in the north of Sweden. Beware of ugly pics! 

After all that it was about to move place for me …I finally found a smaller flat… and I’m so happy that the move was the easiest one could have…just next door…I could move in my socks… 😉

Mum helped me pack and it gave her practise using her hands and arms..

The move went so smooth and I am now in my new flat… have been here a month and it have been a struggle with an inflammation in my neck and a total melt down with horrible headaches day and night … stress…yes for sure! Can’t handle stress anymore so it have just been to drop everything and just be…including having to see boxes of unpacked stuff!

Did sew before the move, knowing I wouldn’t have my sewing room in order for a while… so I’m happy I managed that!

Scandibee blocks made for Marica, Helene and Jackie…

Think I had my birthday too… 😉

Got beautiful gifts from friends and family, but all got forgotten with mums accident… you know who you are and you all know I LOVED every one of the gifts. So thankyou!

Started on new quilts and had the intention of making my own patterns…so that’s still to come..just need to get myself back on track…and I will… that I promise ! Temperature quilt, Do what you love, Basket blocks in a swap with Louise and my tulip quilt.

Started a quilt for my daughter Petra to have in her new makeup room… this quilt is now finished and shall have a blogpost of its own.

And hip hip hooray…Viktor turned 18 now in June…how now that even happened I don’t know…think it was just a while ago he was counting birthday wishes from different countries on my blog … 😉

That was an update from me with what’s been happening here in Stina land… back soon and big hugs to my readers out there!

See you soon…

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