Time flies..
and I will not have my wool project finished ..
hope my teacher will forgive me!!! :o)
This little piece of wool do talk to me all the time.. add this.. and add there.. and I think I will never ever be finished with it..lol..
Soo.. before I forget to post something before I go away this weekend..
…Some more progress…

Hope to finish this one up next week…

So see you then..

Ohhh.. yes..
I am going away to our
Yearly Quiltmeeting… this time held in Örnsköldvik..
so early tomorrow morning..
I´ll sit on a bus heading for new adventures ….
and spend all weekend with my friends
This will be FUN!!!

So See you!!

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 with the YUCK!! :o)
Sewed a lot yesterday.. but it sure takes time..
The felt is rather thick…
so it is hard to work with..  and tough on the hand..
and not the easiest to get nice stitches on…
But last night I had the first part finished
the light wasn’t that good and I was tired … so more photos later..
just a little peek for you!
As you see .. a lot of inspiration …
from the fabulous designer Sue Spargo…
Have wanted to go a class with her..
but since it aint never ever going to happen…
I try it my own way..:O))
I am also trying to use only recycled fabrics, ribbons and pearls…
Just the threads are new… :O))
Well.. back to some sewing!! :o)

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the new start will have to represent a New Schnibble in the making..lol..
Short Story… :o)
Gosh I think Autumn is here.. I am working with dark fabrics!!!!
How did that happen…
And I cant say I am really in love with this pattern …
a lot of cutting… and it is tough on my neck and shoulders..
maybe it is why it aint as fun as it use to be..
Well.. after having almost everyone sewn together… I am not sure if I love it or if I hate it… it is a little to nice.. it doesn’t happen so much…
or maybe it is all the dark fabrics.. because it cant be the pink fabrics..lol…
Post more later… :o)))
Ok .. Have almost forgotten about this chair.. but when thinking of going back to work.. I remembered what  I worked  on before my vacation…
to finish this Patchwork Chair for a booth at a Major Trade here in Piteå
 Big Nolia… a week ago.. did miss it myself.. so I didnt see it at the trade :o(…
1950-1970s fabrics were used and it was a lot of fun..
And I wouldn’t mind having it here in my home..
Havent heard if it have been sold or what have happened with the chair…
since I have been at home all week…
One thing I know.. I have to look for a chair at work.. that I can buy and turn into a chair like this!! :o))
Back to work on some Short Story blocks…
See you..
Havent taken the Pfaff for a test drive just yet…
but I will..
She had the demo sold when I had the time to visit her..:o(
Need more reviews on the Pfaff Expression 4.0 …
I am so grateful for all the  feedback that have been given.. thanks… some I cant write back to as the settings is set as NOREPLY… so if you havent gotten an answer from me.. thats the case.. I cant reach you!!

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