So..are you surprised…two posts with just a few days in between… 😉 … I am!

Have been sick all week in a cold that my dear son gave to me…but hope it will pass soon…so to amuse myself I have been going nuts on Instagram and it’s hopeless feed with posting new and old post at no chronological order… with that I just realised..I need to blog more… so here I am.

May (and April too) … ahh …those gorgeous months we had with wonderful summer temps and the melting snow … and to prove that..this is a picture of that much loved son …sunbathing in the middle of April…see no leaves on the trees 😊 and still snow on the rooftops…

The quilting was slow and with that said…I finished my quilt Happy Trees …the very very last days of April… so…I had to add a April label to my quilt. Ha…how stupid of me to think I was going to be finished in March… really silly.

You who read part one…knew we went to Arjeplog to catch the last snow to photograph the quilt…and of course a visit…

Happy dogs..especially Molly I she could run free…Elsa and Maya were not that happy being run over by monster Molly… phew

It was a lovely day with my so much loved sun…and Petra took lots of great photos of my quilt.

I freehand quilted the arcs on this quilt…and I think it turned out much more beautiful than I had imagined… I wanted it to look like snow piles..and I think it does!

Did not put a binding on this one…I kind of have fallen in love with the airy look the face technique gives…I highly recommend to try it… there are several tutorials to search for on the internet.

My happy face of having a happy quilt finished…and one that I made from my own ideas from start to finish… have had lots of wishes to make this one as a pattern…maybe I will…but it will be a booklet…huh…since there are not one block alike and a gazillion of other pieces…maybe I’m crazy enough to give it a try.

Last snow and standing by the lake next to mum and dads place with one of the many mountains in the background that my brother happily climbs up and down with his family in the challenge Top of Arjeplog.

See you soon… it’s kind of a promise…😉

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I love walking around at Louise’s house…Where I find beauty everywhere…she has quilts all around the house… some of them new some of them good old favourites… 

A basket quilt in happy Me and My sister fabrics…a Leanne House quilt in pretty pinks and greens …a pink star quilt and a dreamy shirt quilt in pinks and blues…

A quilt made by me made from a pattern by Cheri Saffiote Payne … I have a pink one at home made by Louise …that’s sisters love. We know what we like :)
Doll quilts rolled up for Olivia to use..or just to be pretty, a fun cat quilt and a Noah’s arc stitchery quilt from a pattern by Lynette Andersson and little mini spool blocks soon to be a quilt.

And I also got to see Louise’s finished Plus block quilt that Louise, Marica and I swapped blocks with each other two years ago..or maybe it’s even longer than that… which reminds me…I have my quilt to finish… 😉

It’s a masterpiece if I might say :) … love the variety in the blocks…and wow…all the friendship blocks shared :) …seeing a block made by a friend and remembering which ones we made…that’s something special. You can read about the swap over here and also a tutorial on how to make the blocks here

Sadly my visit came to an end but I’m so happy I made this trip it made me realise I can do things again even if it made me tired…it gave me freedom and happiness. Thankyou Louise for having me a whole week!! And John too 😉 … promise it won’t be four years until the next time! 

See you… I now have some charged batteries! :)

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Way back in 2009 I dreamt about making a quilt like this one… 

Louise’s amazing churndash quilt (that also was inspired by another quilt in a book she had, we just couldn’t find that book, it would have been fun showing that inspiration quilt too) made in lots of lovely plaids and stripes…it has been on my mind for sooo long… and I told this to Louise and she spent one day looking for her churndash quilt… 😉 a certain someone has a lot of quilts and as it seems a lot of hiding places for them too… 😉 finally she found it and I could take another close look at it and be inspired… yes yes… I want to make one..and NOW!

It has everything I love…  my dream quilt… so said and done ..Louise graciously let me dive into her scraps and start my dream quilt… As organised as Louise is she had already cut strips in gorgeous fabrics…it was like a smorgasbord for quilters… :)

and well how now things happens … my dream quilt took another turn … 😉 making one block after the other picking fabrics that I likedand sewed…how fun wasn’t this…lots of fun… don’t think I have enjoyed sewing blocks like this in a long time… 

Like this quote…need to do that more often..I seem to get stuck in the planning mode way to often…so this was very nice… Just sewing and see what happens…

First day I think I sewed 20 blocks… wow…that’s a lot for me… and as you see…colours aren’t at all like in Louise’s lovely quilt…this quilt had a saying of its own…a bit brighter…greens had to be added …day two I added pinks to it…wasn’t sure if there were supposed to be pinks in the quilt…how silly wasn’t I…of course there had to be pinks in it…lol

Sewed blocks for two more days…but not as many as the first day…think I had 40 blocks when leaving Louise… ( yes I’m back home now) … still packed down in my bag…but will take them up and see what I made and show you later…

I’m really excited about this one…can’t wait to sew..just need to fix some boring things that needs to be done first so I can sew with my heart! 

Went home with a plan…and it will be interesting to see how this quilt will look in the end…all I can say right now…is that I like it very much..even if I doesn’t look at all as the quilt I dreamt about!

Have a few more pics to show from my trip to Louise… so if you’re interested in that..stay tuned will come eventually 😉

See you!

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