I have made tutorials… but not tried to make them into patterns...so I am a bit nervous!!!

And the good news… its free for you to download… Woot woot!! 😉

An idea came to me during a walk with my dog Molly

resulted in a quick and Modern Christmas wallhanging

oh it’s so great when creativity struck you!!

I hope you will like it as much as I do…

I was in need of some new wallhangings.. with a more modern look

and a colour change

so here you go…

Modern Christmas Tree


Its made in mostly solids except for the baubles and the foot that have prints

I used a light to medium grey as background and made a white tree with pastel colored baubles…

(for those who remembers… I bought a white tree last year…

and I so love the light it gave.. and hopefully will give this year too… 😉 )

and I like a little bit of fun

so this tree is even on one side and a bit more playful on the other half..

Who has a perfect tree??

Well I don’t!!


think it adds playfulness to the tree… :)


and of course when I am about to quilt.. I just need to test out something new

so I quilted rows of stars… like a star garland

ohhh.. they are definitely not perfect… I call them playful as well … 😉

Learn while doing that’s my motto!


Added a white and light blue striped binding …loved the result of that!!

Perfect frame to the quilt!


Ikea fabric for backing also a perfect match…

Happy to have a new quilt for the holidays!!!

So if you want to make an easy little quilt for Christmas…

you can either download it here.. or go to my pattern page at the top or

click the modern christmas tree picture in my sidebar…

Happy Holidays to you!!

And oh.. if you decide to make it…

please share.. I have added info on that in the pattern!!

See you!!

Quilt settings for Modern Christmas Tree

Thread Tension 4.0

Aurifil 40 wt color 2021

Same thread in bobbin

Bernina Quilting needle 90/14

Spring loaded open toe foot (setting dynamic foot)

Supreme Slider

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Now I have tackled my first quilt project on this machine my PFAFF 4.2
And as promised in my last post…I will document both problems and when going ok…
Will keep this as a record to myself for trouble shooting…
and maybe it can help someone out there too…
So first things up…
Always clean out your machine!! Essential!!
Make some test quilting on a mini quilt sandwich so you get the moves in
and to see if there is some adjustments to be made…
A new quilting needle!!
This time I used Schmetz quilting needle size 90/14 ( didn't have any 80/12)
Straight stitch needle plate… Yes…
Supreme Slider...yes…think it's a wonderful tool…
just have the small one…love to have the large one!!
Set the machine to dynamic foot
( but I'm using the open toe spring loaded foot…
Tip from Karin at the quilt yarn…thanks for that one!
Stitch length0
My machine starts on 5.2 with thread tension…and after test sewing…
I went down to 4.8…and this seemed to be a little high a bit in on quilting so I adjusted to 4.6
For this quilt I chose Gutermann cotton thread…colour 828…
just because I can't find any other thread here where I live…
Tried to have a thinner thread in bobbin…
but got better stitches when using the same in bobbin so I went with that!
And to my JOY...:)
this went beautifully all along…
Had two or three thread breaks…and this I don't blame on thread or tension..
It was just me!! :)
Quilted a lovely peony like flower all over the appliqued quilt…
And I like the result…
So happy that I decided to give free hand quilting one more go…
I am determined to defeat my fear of this…
So more will come…
For that I'm sure..
So happy quilting people!!

Settings Joy of Life Quilt

Thread tension: 4.6
Dynamic foot
Stitch length: 0
Straight stitch needle plate
Supreme slider
Schmetz 90/14 quilt needle green
Gutermann cotton thread col 828
Same thread in bobbin

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How to start circle quilting…
There are lots of smart tips out in the quilting world…
this is just how I solved it with what I had at home.
I came up with this idea…
To use freezer paper
I simply draw a middle circle
(used a thread spool)
and added another circle with the space I wanted
to be between the quilting lines ( 1″)
and added one more circle…same space ..
Then I cut out the circles and ironed them on the quilt.
Sew around first circle…
When you get to start point
just eyeball or draw a helping line to sew a smooth curved quilting line
and continue to sew around inner circle of the larger circle
until you reach where you started to sew that curved line…
now you need to attach a sewing guide
I just had mine that works for the right side…
but I attached it and it worked as a guide to the left too… 😉
And now it’s just to sew round and round….
What I forgot to mention is that this method is perfect 
when you want to decide on where to start the quilting…
just iron the circles on and see how it looks…and if wasn’t a good spot
position them into another place and see if it was better…
more visible this way.. and 
I am not finished yet…
will just do a little bit every day to save my neck and shoulder…
it’s a bit of pushing and PUSHING the quilt… :)
Hope this made some sense
so hard to explain sometimes..
and when not remembering to take photos of every little step…
it’s even harder…
Just ask and I will try and explain in my Swenglish… 😉
And if someone have seen another great tip on how to circle quilting
please share!!!
See you…

Molly tested… ;)


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