So..are you surprised…two posts with just a few days in between… 😉 … I am!

Have been sick all week in a cold that my dear son gave to me…but hope it will pass soon…so to amuse myself I have been going nuts on Instagram and it’s hopeless feed with posting new and old post at no chronological order… with that I just realised..I need to blog more… so here I am.

May (and April too) … ahh …those gorgeous months we had with wonderful summer temps and the melting snow … and to prove that..this is a picture of that much loved son …sunbathing in the middle of April…see no leaves on the trees 😊 and still snow on the rooftops…

The quilting was slow and with that said…I finished my quilt Happy Trees …the very very last days of April… so…I had to add a April label to my quilt. Ha…how stupid of me to think I was going to be finished in March… really silly.

You who read part one…knew we went to Arjeplog to catch the last snow to photograph the quilt…and of course a visit…

Happy dogs..especially Molly I she could run free…Elsa and Maya were not that happy being run over by monster Molly… phew

It was a lovely day with my so much loved sun…and Petra took lots of great photos of my quilt.

I freehand quilted the arcs on this quilt…and I think it turned out much more beautiful than I had imagined… I wanted it to look like snow piles..and I think it does!

Did not put a binding on this one…I kind of have fallen in love with the airy look the face technique gives…I highly recommend to try it… there are several tutorials to search for on the internet.

My happy face of having a happy quilt finished…and one that I made from my own ideas from start to finish… have had lots of wishes to make this one as a pattern…maybe I will…but it will be a booklet…huh…since there are not one block alike and a gazillion of other pieces…maybe I’m crazy enough to give it a try.

Last snow and standing by the lake next to mum and dads place with one of the many mountains in the background that my brother happily climbs up and down with his family in the challenge Top of Arjeplog.

See you soon… it’s kind of a promise…😉

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Little Miss Stella… or her full name… Stella Teresia 💗

how mesmerised can a Mormor be…it seems like A LOT! Have now been a grandmother or as we say in Sweden “mormor” for a plus five weeks now…and it’s lovely!

I’m so fortunate to live close, I can walk there and be there quite quick..either to annoyance 😉 or to help out or just to be able to get a bit of a cuddle.

This picture is from when I held her the first time…so precious…what a special moment in life..💗

And Morbror (uncle) Viktor and Stella much love…

Tried really hard to get the quilt finished…but I gave up…no use trying…days were spent visiting Stella instead…but I managed to get the wreath of flowers and hearts on the quilt…

How cute isn’t baby Stella on the quilt…here she is two weeks old.

Next thing happening…we had a party to prepare and focus on…Petra turned 30 so we gathered family and friends (30-35 people) for a happy day. How I love these happy family reunions…so happy my parents could come…dad just had a big surgery but felt well enough to come and my mum had longed for it was so nice it could be done.

Dad, Mum and Stella, Daughter Linda and Molly, Petra and Stella and the happy new little family Jimmy, Petra and Stella.

Now everything have slowed down a bit…and I’m back to pick up where I left…to finish some quilts … have some waiting!

Stella’s quilt are now prepped and ready for quilting…her name is also added…and I’m going to try and hand quilt this one…something I haven’t done in years…not sure how it will go…but I will try and as Louise said on Instagram…one stitch at a time…will follow that advice.

Now I hope I won’t forget my blog and post a bit more often…I wish myself good luck 😉… see you all.

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Or so before something special is to happen…yes..I’m going to be a grandma…how special isn’t that! It will be the longest and most nerve wrecking weeks. Phew. What a wait…and I’m not the pregnant one…😉

You who follow me on Instagram already knows this and have seen pictures of the quilt…yes of course it’s going to be a quilt made for my grandchild 😉…what a pleasure and joy …💗 and privilege.

Have had so many ideas and was lost at a moment on what to make..but one day it was there…I draw a quick little sketch so I wouldn’t forget..which I do way too easily. The happy couple had whispered in my ear that it’s a little girl…so this grandmother thought PINK instantly…ha ha…wonder why 😉

So a fabric pull was the first start…

Pinks…but I also wanted to use please the mother…( who told me…NOT TOO MUCH PINK ..😉) and well I love pink and grey together…

Decided early to work with magic numbers and make a pieced the pieces would match up however I decided to sew them together… my choice was 1, 2, 4, 6 inch finished squares… so it was just to start cutting and let the fabrics do the work…that’s how I love to work…add fabrics and step aside and see and a lot of moving around with fabrics…it’s like painting a picture. And I LOVE seeing how it changes…and what happens if I add that and swap pieces …or….yes you got it…it takes forever..but I wouldn’t want to do it in any other way. It’s what I love.

How big then? Not a clue…but I had Louise’s voice in my head…from some time long ago…never make a baby quilt too small…so I added and added my one million gazillion pieces. And hmmmm…wasn’t this kind of boring…just pink and grey…hmmm…what if I added… GREEN…

Yes..yes…I like it…green as a little border ..pieced in a random way…now I felt excitement…think this is kind of back to my roots in a way…pink and green with a bit of modern touch from the grey. Yum!

The whole quilt is cut from my stash…not a single new fabric bought for this quilt. What a from home!

Of course I had a supervisor always…even if Miss Molly was bored from time to time seeing me carry pieces back and forth the design wall and cutting table and not play one bit… very bored I would say some days!

And one day I had all the pieces…and well now the real puzzling started…I have about 6-7 meters between my design wall and sewing machine…so a lot of going back and forth it was… Really need to make myself a little portable design board! Would make life so much easier…don’t know how many times I had to walk back and check where I took the piece from…and they say quilting is not exercising… ha!

Tada! One pieced background done! Phew… I must say I really love the green border. Like how it turned out and it will make perfect backdrop for the applique I’m going to make…

Now did it turn out as I had envisioned…honestly…not quite…but sort of close… 💗

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