to finally get my acts together and drive down to ├ľstersund and visit Louise… all I can say is that I didn’t remember how far it was… ­čśë phew… it took me 9 hours… 

Have feared driving because of my headaches… now it was time to test myself and just do it! And I did it!! Yay to me! 

Beautiful art by @parscaeli

Of course I got tense and got headaches but that was minor to my happiness of being with my beautiful friend Louise…

Had a lot to catch up on… sharing this and that under some quilts in her lovely garden watching her husband and son build on their new patio… 

Found some quilts that I have made at the house… that’s happiness…

Love her warm cosy friendly home filled with lovely quilts everywhere… this one brought lovely memories from a trip we made to Trondheim and took a class with Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley… how fun wasn’t that! Isn’t it gorgeous!

A work in progress… some Splendid Sampler blocks added with added blocks of her own ..and it’s a pink burst of joy!

Ain’t this one just it… a typical Louise quilt in her pinks and blues with a splash of yellow!

We also managed some sewing the first days… in between catching up, rest and the busy life in the Short family with visitors, visiting and sleeping over grand children and Louise’s care of her parents… this family does everything with the heart and fills me with such peace and love

July Scandibee blocks made by both me and Louise for May Kristin in Norway (@krispquilt) ….Lots of Flying Geese in a lovely colour way in greys and aqua.

Thanks for being all this to me Louise…

More to come in another blogpost … see you!

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Have enjoyed sewing two quilts for friends… started before Christmas…and even before that in mind…but you know how it is…life gets in between…so I am most happy to finally have these little quilts made…and also sent and received …?

The pattern is by Cheri Payne and it’s called Sisters Love… and that pattern were just right to use and make for my lovely friends  Louise and Shirley. They are both the sisters I didn’t get! ??

Shirley had to have a pink quilt and blue was an easy choice for Louise…?? Cheri’s patterns are fun, happy and gives you room for your own ideas to bloom. I like that… ? to stretch your creativity a bit.
Photos are taken in The Old Church town here in ├ľjebyn…a very lovely place…of course I did chose to take photos on one of the coldest days…? and somehow photos taken with my camera vanished up in cyber I’m happy I took photos with my iPhone …phew… was in a hurry sending the quilts away…so they were on its way when I saw that there were no photos… ? 

Details from Shirley’s quilt… cute girly blocks with our names stitched and improve pieced hearts…I did use my own hearts and not from Cheri’s pattern…

 Love the spring flowers added… yay…spring is coming…I really love details like this…?

Did a free form baptist fan quilting…and I must say it’s a favourite of mine…really love the look, both modern and traditional…

And even better is that it’s a fun and easy quilting to make… really fun! Do try! 

And a label of course… will be more of them in the future! Can’t get enough of them. 

That was some pink love are you ready for the blue one!

Stitchery adds such a lovely detail to a quilt…and makes it so personal … ?

And a slightly different label..added French knots to this one…

More improve scrappy hearts … love these so much… so have made another quilt using these and will try to get it on paper and make a pattern… ?

Love adding little bits of unexpected pieces of fabrics the pink fabric strip in the blue border…and the binding…

Happy for amazing  friends so that I get the opportunity to sew lovely quilts… makes my heart happy! Have missed sewing for friends and making gifts so this was pure joy from start to finish!

Thanks for being my friends Shirley and Louise… ??

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How about you…can you throw them away? I can NOT..not even the tiniest of scraps…so I’m saving them…for special projects…lol…

When I sewed on Annika’s Broken Star blocks there were a lot of corner cut offs. I sewed them together into half square triangles while sewing the block…that makes the work a little bit more fun…and it’s better to have them sewed together to a block rather than lying around somewhere…ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

This time the scraps became the sweetest little pincushion… and it was the perfect gift to my lovely friend Louise…pink and black… colours she likes.

I actually made another one for me…in a different pattern…which reminds me to finish it! Wonder where I put that one?

Kind of cute isn’t it? ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

So don’t throw your scraps away!! ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ´ŞĆ

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