Slow but safe…I think…I´m finally getting something done…have finished my stitchings on my Quilters Journey…preparing it for handquilting…yes I know I probably stupid here…but I think it needs some more stitches…LOL…and one more thing…I promised myself not to start Butterfly Garden until this one is finished…guess I´m much more stupid then I thought…cause I just want to start with that one!!!
Finally made the first block of Rosalie Quinlans Joy of Life …I have been having pieces all over the place ..and last night i sewed them in place…pheeew! And this one…I was going to machineapplique…but no way I could do that…( my machine and I weren´t buddies last night…) so theese pieces were prepared with vliesofix…so they were a bit tricky to applique by hand…. hmmmm…. but they will have to do. Freezer paper for the rest…yepp!!
I think it needs a pink binding…? What do you think! Light, medium or dark pink?

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Om jag inte hade bilder från denna kurshelg så skulle jag inte tro att jag varit där…men det har jag!!! Det var en dröm som blivit sann… Leanne Beasley var precis allt det där som man kan önska sig av en kursledare och fantastisk designer, hon var sprudlande, varm och delade verkligen med sig av allt sitt kunnande. Tack Marica för att du hade ögon och öron öppna så vi inte gick miste om detta!
90 mils bilkörning enkel väg var det verkligen värt!!!

This is Leanne with her beatiful ” Butterfly Garden”. I haven´t started on this one yet…still waiting for my personal block from Leanne… poor Leanne…she draw blocks for everyone and the time just ran out on her…so I´m eagerly waiting for something special in my mailbox…;D

But I have finished my “Waverly Bag” …it became an wallhanging instead and I love it. The stitchery “Peace and Plenty is on it´s way and hopefully soon finished. I loved this course so much and we met a bunch of lovely Norweigan girls…we really had a great time…Thankyou all!
Definitly worth the 90 swedish miles (one way) in the car…but with good friends the trip wasn´t long at all!

Min version av “The Waverly Bag” / My version of “The Waverly Bag”

Tack tjejer för att ni gjorde resan så underbar!
Thankyou my dear friends and Leanne for making this trip so special.

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