After about 10 months or so…anyway a very long time…and a loooong wait
Krista Hennebury came for a visit and to teach her two day class
“Improve Under the Influence” to us.. Have I longed or have I longed … ­čśë
Thanks to Instagram and a comment that I would love taking her class
ended up with her coming here..totally fantastic!!!!
In ├ľjeby Church town
I live in a small town called ├ľjebyn,
situated where Pite├ą first was formed (urban formation 1621)
but after a big fire and the land elevation they moved Pite├ą to the coast.
├ľjebyn isn't big at all, I think around 5-6000 people live here…
We have our medevial old church town with cottages
from around early 1800, maybe earlier.
The cottages grew up around the church (first church was built around 1400)
and were used for overnight stays by mostly farmers,
that had a long distance to church and probably tough roads to travel.
These church weekends were a big happening
with the market, church and the court… And just to meet up with others.

And we also have “Pitepalt”, its a Swedish dish,
very local and are named from the town Pite├ą.
Palt is made from raw potatoes, wheat and barley flour,
salt and filled or not filled with chopped pork.
Then rolled into balls and boiled and is served with lingonberries and butter…
And a glas of milk to that… :)

After picking up Krista and Louise at the airport we headed for the
PALTZERIA…the only one in the world… To eat Palt….
Krista and her first Pitepalt

And I must say ..I think she must have been a Pite├ą citizen in her former life…
Two flat ones went down..and that is good..or maybe she was starving ­čśë
for Louise I wasn't worried…know she loves Palt!!

After that a walk around the church town …
We had beautiful sunny autumn weather…
So happy it didn't rain!
After that a quick visit at my home, out to the cabin with our things…
Met up with Marica and then a quick trip into Pite├ą
to mostly leave Molly at my daughters place…
And then back to the cabin…
Our cabin for three nights
We had a nice dinner with wine in our cosy cabin charing this and that…
How perfect wasn't it to practice to speak English
and we also had some fun trying to learn Krista som Swedish… :)
And we had gifts…it was like Christmas!!
Krista brought gifts and we had some…
maybe you can spy Kristas gifts for us…gorgeous double scissor keepers on the table…
So exited over our gifts…will show mine later…and we were so happy
to be able to surprise Krista with a little quilt
We had a lovely first evening that we ended with
to talk about our fabric choices for next days class!

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