Saturday came quick… and like always you do think you have all the time in the world to prepare for something… and so it was.. even this time..:O))
But I think we did well.. 
So here is some pictures from my Saturday with dyes and prints!
We had three different pigments to chose from
I chose light green for my batik…
And this is how mine turned out…
A bit pale.. but you all know
But i like the almost transparent white pattern..:O))
But then on the other hand we dont know what we will be using this for …
so who knows..maybe I did the right choice…or not!!!
My friends did chose redyellow or purple or a mix between those,
and mixed ink for the prints… 
Went home with a can of fabric that were supposed to be in the remaining colour bath for about 12 hours…
And I just took it out this morning..
The next month we will have Patchwork..;o))
and well…can say that I feel a little bit more comfortable with that ..
or maybe … it will be the hardest month of them
yepp.. think so.. because I am not in
Still having my…#€%&%€# cold…
and an eye infection as a bonus this morning…
Maybe a visit to the doc have to be done in the morning..
Back to sewing on my Butterfly Garden…
See you all!!

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so pleased with how I could turn that ugly piece of wool into this…
Lots of work..but Oh I had FUN.. all the way!! :o)
It became a Tea Cosy… :o))
when I had that piece of wool in my hand..
both smelly and very thick.. I thought and thought what it could be done into…
it could hold heat for a long time… yes it could…
to sit on.. very warm…. but the easy way hmmm…
 but…one thing I have wanted and a very much needed thing in our household
 was a teacosy… so I decided on that!
All materials are recycled…
shirts, pants, old fabrics, pearls….
except for the batting on the backside piece…
even the pearls are recycled from old clothes… :o)
Even the thread used is old..
found a very old silk thread on spool at work
.. and tried it out..
and it worked..
even in my new machine..:o))
And that was the trickiest part to do..
the freehand quilting… on the thick wool with a cotton layer on the inside..
PHEEWW.. but we did it …
Zonnie and me!! :o)
Still at home with this autumns biggest flu!!
…BUT …
I am test sewing …have a lot to learn on my new machine..

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Time flies..
and I will not have my wool project finished ..
hope my teacher will forgive me!!! :o)
This little piece of wool do talk to me all the time.. add this.. and add there.. and I think I will never ever be finished with
Soo.. before I forget to post something before I go away this weekend..
…Some more progress…

Hope to finish this one up next week…

So see you then..

Ohhh.. yes..
I am going away to our
Yearly Quiltmeeting… this time held in Örnsköldvik..
so early tomorrow morning..
I´ll sit on a bus heading for new adventures ….
and spend all weekend with my friends
This will be FUN!!!

So See you!!

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