How about you…can you throw them away? I can NOT..not even the tiniest of scraps…so I’m saving them…for special projects…lol…

When I sewed on Annika’s Broken Star blocks there were a lot of corner cut offs. I sewed them together into half square triangles while sewing the block…that makes the work a little bit more fun…and it’s better to have them sewed together to a block rather than lying around somewhere…❤️

This time the scraps became the sweetest little pincushion… and it was the perfect gift to my lovely friend Louise…pink and black… colours she likes.

I actually made another one for me…in a different pattern…which reminds me to finish it! Wonder where I put that one?

Kind of cute isn’t it? ❤️

So don’t throw your scraps away!! ❤️️

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Tell me I’m late posting …because that is exactly what I do….? better late than never! 

I made this quilt for Marica in February… using a quilt pattern called  Nested Churndash…made by Jane Davidson.

Wanted to make this block for myself and bought the pattern a long time ago… still time though…?…now it seemed to be a nice little quilt to give away …and I so enjoyed making it! 

Love the fabrics and colours in this one…low volumes, pinks, greys and …blacks…☺️ I know I have said no blacks in my quilts..but I’m taking it all’s beautiful ☺️❤️☺️

A tiny tiny churndash start…

More rounds added…

Would look fantastic for a whole quilt! 


I like the straight line’s graphic… and requires little thinking… suited me fine at the moment ?

Lots of favourite fabrics in this one…?

Happy I managed to make this gift at one of my more hectic and chaotic months… I might start to believe that you are stronger than you think you are! ? ( at least when looking back and some time have passed ) ?

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I have always wanted to make the Carry All pincushion
it is a pattern by Anna Graham from the blog Noodlehead..
And can be found in her book Handmade Style…which is a great book…
lots to make in that one! More Future projects… 😉
So when a secret pincushion swap was decided in Scandibee for Christmas
I decided to make it for my partner…
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out…
A clever one with pockets to fill with what you need!
I even was very tempted to keep it myself and sew her another…
but decide to send it … because it was made with her in mind.
Our Admin of the group…Ruth was my partner…
Can make another one…can’t I? 😉

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