Sometimes, you just get blown away by generosity…and that’s exactly what has happened to me… I am truly blessed with fantastic friends both at home and out in the world. And I have said it before…Life is a Patchwork of Friends… ❤️ and among quilters it’s all that and way more.

What started with a picture sent from one of my American friends …ended up with the most wonderful gift given to me… and I’m so so happy…because I’m not that fond of making bags and things like this…makes my head to knot itself!

So enjoy all these pictures!! ❤️❤️❤️

Isn’t this totally amazing… pretty pretty letters , made in my absolute favourite colours…and low volume goodness!

The letters are from a pattern by Diane Bohn and you can find it here… they are 3″tall. And paper pieced…☺️ not my favourite method…but my friend ensured me …that they aren’t that hard to make… do have the pattern myself ..maybe it’s time to start using it…

A Sewing case!! And the prettiest ever! And it’s all mine! ❤️ Do you think I made a happy little dance? It was almost a rave-party…

And the clever inside… see through vinyl pockets… ❤️ and turquoise/blue gorgeousness…and filled with the cutest little basket block, wonder I could try and sew a case of my own using this clever tape…and cute labels!

What case…what case I hear you ask… ☺️ and the case you can find for free HERE … isn’t that great!

And this is the fantastic outside of the case, with sewed little cute blocks… I’m so in love ❤️

Beautiful little blocks…  geese and nine patch… and the pretty pretty low volume fabric ❤️️

And a little pink star and some strawberry cake ☺️…love strawberries…❤️️

And this text… ❤️️ love it… be your own hero..and be a good friend…unwrap it with a grateful heart…( do you think I did that❤️️)  couldn’t be better… ❤️️ so much thought put into this.

And if  the case wasn’t enough…these beautifully colour coordinated fabrics came..a mix from stash and bought fabrics… I’m stunned and almost without words…needed a week to put all this into words… and make this blogpost.

I now see that I missed to take a photo of a pattern, an apron/tunic/dress she sent along ..remembering I had it pinned on Pinterest..I’m impressed… thankyou so much for all this my sweet friend… My friend wants to be anonymous but I do think her stuff need to be shared so we can be inspired by her lovely work… I hope you have enjoyed looking at this…

And this is the pic she sent me that started this off… eight gorgeous and beautiful cases…lots of prettiness! Isn’t it amazing!! It’s WOW!

Thankyou dear friend for all this! ❤️

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August is Birmingham month!
Meet friends..spend time with friends…

look at quilts and do some shopping…

A happening very much longed for!

1. I SEW 2.Marica and me at Kallax Airport
3. Lilian, Shirley, Karin, me and Marica 4. Gorgeous Oakshott fabrics
Marica and Shirley browsing the shops and do some shopping…
This year we decided on one more day in Birmingham…
Last year we had to rush through the last day so no stress this year!
On Thursday we were able to meet Nina in our Scandibee…
and deliver our blocks for her in person…
It was great to meet and chat some…
At the Oakshott stand we got to see Krista Henneburys quilt
“Temperature Check”
and we got even more exited about the class “Improve under the influence”
that we were going to have with her in October…
(That we now have had..since I’m so late posting… 😉
This lovely bundle followed with me home…
And some more…

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Heavy bags home is all I can say!!! 😉
Ha ha…but I’m still smiling so it must be good!!!
Ok… Here we go
Solids… Summer collection…
Wee Wander & Far Far Away by Heather Ross
Oh… Isn’t these lovely:)
Told you I got into trouble…
😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
(And Shirley was to NO help… She just said I was going to regret leaving some behind…lol… And yes she was right… )
And well bought these..just because I liked them…
No plan whatsoever… Or I should say they will go in a project someday… 😉
(Hint of a plan…) 😉
Same category them…and low volume
Always in need for them!
Adding black and greys to my stash!!
( not that much black in there…so more of that)
Ohhh.. Liberty LOVE…. :)
And look at these lovely finds..
For these I have a plan:)
See I’m not that hopeless…having a plan now and then… 😉
Green Tea & Sweet Beans
(Or if it was the other way around…Sweet tea & Green Beans… Or the tea quilt…or just the drink and food quilt…) 😉
And some Kaffe Fassett candy… :)
One or two things that actually was on my shopping list… 😉
Airport shopping … A bag that after some thinking just had to be bought…
And as Lilian said… So you and you can’t leave it there!!!
Right again!! 😉
And this beauty… I didn’t even think about…
It was MINE!!
So… I am now enjoying my Brittish tea
(That I got as a gift from Shirley…love this tea…)
In my new Brittish Royal Albert Mug… :)
I told you this was a GOOD trip
Didn’t I… 😉
See you…
(I have som washing to do…lol)

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