And hooray to me…
I have sewn!!! 4 blocks…
Can you believe how happy one can be over that…
it's like a miracle…because I had fun!!
Four blocks on my scrappy trip around the world
It wasn't easy…because I had to start all over again…
trying to remember where I had left off …and how had I thought…
And of course…in all my happiness of sewing…what did I do?
Sew wrong of course…so the seam ripper was my best friend!!
Well…anyway I have sewn that's the most important thing…
and then first of advent came in between…
so a little interruption in my little sewing had to be done…
This year I'm going for a WHITE CHRISTMAS
Yepp.. I bought a white tree… And what can I say… I love it!
It's like light therapy
So I'm smiling every day I light the tree and all the day along!!
( Lars said the tree had a disease of some kind…
hope he will love it as I and Viktor do!) :)
All the decorations are done…very little this year…for me… 😉
Something new and I feel good about it!
Now when all the decorations are up
hopefully I will get into sewing spirits again…
It sure would feel nice… :)
Hmmm.. Maybe I will bake some lussebullar today…. Think so… :)
See you!!

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Tutorial for what I made with these fabrics
will soon be up …:O)
So if you want to join in.. you can 
start to look for fabrics…
Dive in to your scrap bin because all the pieces are small..:O)
*Around 2 1/2″ … 20 pieces 
(I used 10 different and 10 same)
*Strip 2″x24″
*and 8×8″ piece of fabric
*some ric rac ( around one meter) 
and some leftovers 
And of course the stitchery..:O)
Just give me some time
right now my thumb looks like this :o(
Been to the Doc and are waiting on some test results…
well well.. 
so no sewing for me now…
Have had some fun nights with family…
(Linda is back home from Italy…:O)
playing games…so lots of laughing here.. and 
Miss Molly loves it..:O)
Fourth Advent today…
 and I have opened up my last gifts 
from my friends Marica and Louise…
And once more I have had the pleasure to open up wonderful gifts…
A gorgeous necklace from Marica..
(have it on right now.. my old one have broken so it was perfect!!)
And a sweet angel from Louise..:O)
Thankyou Girls for all the lovely Sundays
and my sweet gifts!!
Over and out with some pics of 
my sweet bed companion
She always use the pillow…;O)

and one morning… she greeted me with this 
Have a wonderful time out there…

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and believe me… time do fly faster around Christmas!!!
Already Third Advent…pheew…
Last Sunday I had a golden moment opening my gifts 
from Louise and Marica…
And I wasn´t sorry this time either…:o)
Pink dotty tape measure from Marica…:o) 
and white washed letters spelling JUL ( Christmas) from Louise…
So so sweet…thanks my friends!!! 
Last weekend THE SNOW came…
lots and lots!!!
Can hardly remember the snow coming this late…
Miss Molly Loves it
(you were right Colleen…:o) 
and so is Viktor… 
first snowman is built!!! 
You might remember that I have sent out a Christmas Mystery to my friends in Norway… May Britt and Hanne… and to my Swedish friends Marica and Louise…
They are now in full activity working on it…. :o)
Second package is delivered!!
Mine is all done and finished!!!
Ohhh… was the picture blurry????
Well .. I do want to give them a chance to start on it and maybe finish before I post it on the blog….
But If you are nice.. come back and maybe I´ll have a little something for you all!!
Bye Bye!!

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