This quilt have been finished a very long time ago…I have just had a hard time sharing it…it’s a lot of things…and lately it have been my procrastinating of making it as a pattern! But I guess I needed this time to let go of some brain ghosts…pattern is almost done… WOHOOO :) …a bit more testing and proof reading …How hard can some things be…phew!

Think it’s time to finally show it on the blog… so here is my “dO wHat YoU LoVe”…


Snowy photo shoot in Church Town in February 2017

With this quilt I wanted to make something for me that gave me a daily reminder that I actually can do what I love…to finally feel and bring back happiness to my sewing. The struggle with my health and the difficulties with sewing have been quite a journey. I won’t go in into details on what have caused all this mess…and have been going on for so many years. All I can say…it have been a journey of many things! Have felt for a long time that I needed to make my own peace and happiness…because not being able or allowing myself to sew…that is no happiness at all. With that said…I can say that this quilt means a lot to me..not just being pretty…because I think it’s that too. :)

Loved sewing on this one adding things I liked

I started on this quilt after Christmas sometime…had no real plan. I had played a lot with scraps and had lots of odd half square triangles in my scrap piles. So hmmm…what to do with them… some became butterflies…( which reminds me that I need to get back to them too) and some became hearts… and it was the sparkle I needed! Yay!

More scraps were added and finally I had a few blocks I felt could be done to something…very low volumes were used for the background…perfect setting for the words I had planned to add. It was a very fun process…so I sewed when headaches hadn’t me decked…some days I couldn’t sew at all…or weeks…had horrible stress to the body…don’t recommend stress to no one! Such a destroyer to life!

With the light returning… (YAY!!! Don’t like winters… no news to you who know me 😉 ) my quilt was finished and I was so happy for this quilt that was ME from first stitch to the last. Then mum got sick, more stress were added and then my move happened..the quilt was packed down …let’s say it wasn’t my priority at that time…then my life started to take a turn for the better…started to sleep a little bit better, could eat more things and with this stress reduced…the headaches eased a bit…That my friends are a lifesaver!! Summer came and I hung this quilt above my bed…Love seeing it every day and read and take in this message for me to live by.

Took it out photographing once more… wanted to share and write that the long overdue blog post…couldn’t post winter pics could I? 😉

When looking at this quilt I see that I have come back to things I so loved to make…details, stitchery and bits of fun things added.

Do love the label that I made…so happy to finally feel for something that I have made…makes me proud of how far I have come on my journey. Do feel stronger and can see that I have come further than I was two years ago. Yay to me!

I really wanted to try and make this quilt as a pattern…don’t we all need to be reminded to believe in ourselves and enjoy life…so please… don’t forget yourselves…do wHat You LoVe… life is too short to not to do what your heart desires. Never ever let someone take that away from you. I will for sure do my very best and do what I love..from now on!

Molly the observer in the background… 😉

Hah…and what happened…Summer did end way to quick..still procrastinated about this pattern making. When autumn arrived I felt…Stina you need to let go of this…it’s time to share what you love and it will make you whole again. And so it will be..pattern is almost finished…I will test Craftsy at a start…I’m just doing this for the fun and my love to share and create. Could it be so that I’m healing?

Well Hallelujah to that :) If not…I have had a better time in a long time…that feels so good 😊

So see you lovelies…with this picture I’m remembering the only day at the beach this summer..looking at my three brave family members taking a dip in the cold sea (they can be spotted far out as a trio 😉 ) what a lovely day to  💗…dO wHat YoU LoVe… 💗 that’s the way to do it…

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Can’t help it…love swapping blocks with my friends… this time a basket swap with Louise. Sent my starter blocks to Louise earlier this year and just briefly mentioned this in a catching up post a while ago…not quite ok ..right :) thought so…it deserves a blog post of its own!

Here is my two blocks sent to Louise… with a note for her to use the colours I like :) sort of the ones used in the blocks… :) no other rules. 

Will redo the handles on my blocks…do them properly and applique them by hand… hadn’t expected that clever Louise would add her touch to the blocks she sent …this is what she sent me … :)

How brilliant wasn’t her idea…little appliquéd flowers in one of the baskets…wow…gorgeous idea…fell in love with it instantly ! So of course the handles needs to be hand sewn instead of machine appliqued… 😉

Isn’t they just marvellous…my four blocks to the left ( top two made for me by Louise) and Louises starter blocks to the right (top and bottom)…those she sent for me so I would know what to sew for her. This will be such an “easy” quilt to sew… hardly knows which ones are mine or hers… 😉 ( in fact when sewing yesterday I had to go back and see what Louise had posted on her Instagram feed to see which ones she owned…lol )

Yesterday’s sewing was so much fun..I really love to applique…but with everything that have been happening…I just put it aside…and well…yesterday’s sewing was like finding one more puzzle piece to add to my life puzzle. So happy :)

Appliquéd one little flower …. no plan whatever…found a little flower I liked and added the purple piece as background and a little stem…a bit quirky and that’s how I like it…

And I also made one without a flower..but added a bit of interest to the basket instead… liked Louise…go your magic on my next blocks… :)

And here are Louise’s blocks so far together … I really LOVE them… can’t wait to see how our quilts will turn’s so exciting and can’t wait to see how next blocks will look like… Had a bit of trouble sending them off… they wanted to stay here 😉

Fun fun fun… :) 

And Louise is this months Queen Bee so I sent her blocks along with the baskets…

A classic and traditional Crown and Thorne block… will look amazing in just blue and white! 

Now to something new… pattern testing… :)

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When I moved to my smaller flat it became more obvious than before to have my place and most of all my sewing STUFF better organised … than ever! Anyone recognising this delicate problem??  😉 Ha ha…I’m certain we all struggle with this. 

I had to get rid of both my dining table and my sewing table… so new ideas had to be hatched…IKEA my number one go to where you can find both practical and affordable furniture with clever functions was my solution.
Fabric storage I already had solved (read some of it… 😉 ) when moving from the house…but still needed to figure out on how to save more space, so we raised Viktors bed and put it on top of my fabric drawers…so he now sleeps on my gold…aka my fabrics :) that are neatly folded in the MALM drawers. 
I really like this…Its perfectly visual…I can see every fabric instantly and have my stash sorted in colours, solids and special fabrics…like Kaffe Fassett and my Birmingham loots 😉 

Might do the same with my bed…but for now I have projects, scraps and unwashed fabrics stored in sealed plastic boxes under my bed. Since I have a wider bed than Viktor it becomes a space under the bed thats not used clever at all…a black spot. With bed rollers on wheels I can use the whole space. And I also doesn’t need to build steps for Molly to come up in the bed… 😉 no space saver for sure!!

Way back in time I used my wonderful cupboard to store fabrics in…in the other flat I used it for books and stuff I didn’t know where to put 😉 does that happen to you? Sigh!! Knew I had to come up with a different solution in this flat…I thought of bookshelves near the ceiling… still pondering over that…might do this later on. 

I had a corner that wasn’t used especially clever… the modem was on the floor and a lot of cables that weren’t looking good… did find the BILLY book shelf on IKEA… a neat and just perfect size to squeeze into that corner…  perfect for all my quilting books!

Molly supervising my book organising…

And with this relocation I got a lot of shelves and compartments empty in my cupboard! Hallelujah moment! And even happier I got when I found plastic boxes that just fit the space perfect. These boxes now stores my precut strips!! Wohoo!

Don’t worry …those boxes will soon be filled…no problem…I promise… 😉

Love this little corner of my flat… 

Sewing table is a LINNMON tabletop with adjustable GERTON legs …and as storage underneath I have an ALEX drawer on wheels which I can draw out and use as my ironing station. Have plans to make an ironing board on top of the ALEX drawer..think it will be perfect.  Have to find a better chair..but for now a stool and my meditation pillow let’s me sit high enough to have my shoulders down.  Wish I could sink my machine into the sewing table…that would be a dream come true…but for now this will have to do.

Cutting table is also a LINNMON tabletop with OLOV adjustable legs…its lifesaving for me to have the table in the right height..need to save my neck and shoulders… I also found a clever note/storage board SKÅDIS  which now stores my cutting tools, scissors and rulers…and stuff 😉 

And a little peek into my tiny kitchen… love the coziness of it…

I also made a small designwall to have right at the cutting great when designing blocks. My bigger design wall I have in Viktors room (a big thankyou to him for allowing that) … works great to have it a bit away from sewing table… I can also see it from the kitchen…so when a block is placed wrong I easily can go and change it!

So now it’s just to start sewing!! Phew!! Still have not solved my problems with sewing, but I’m getting there day by day… it’s time for me to be whole again and have all the fun I deserve…long for that. Feel that the move to this flat have made me good. Feel more at home here…So friends…sew and be happy…let no one take that away from you. Happy sewing! :)

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