The big happening was of course Viktors prom and graduation…so a lot of preparations for both these events were done…

But also Stella time and making stuff for her… and snuggles and cuddles…

She’s growing so fast…for every time I see her…there has happened something new…

Best way to sleep is on Mummy…💗

Made a crocheted little mobile for her…love the cute little bumble bee … and those flowers I found from an abandoned project a few years back… knew they would come in handy some day… 😉

One who loves to snuggle is this “old” lady…oh how she loves her pillows … 💗 realised she’s about the same age as me… 😉 so “old” we are both of

Lilacs were in bloom pretty early and I enjoyed their smell while writing on my Pincushion pattern and the secret project… which reminds me…I need to finish the Happy Pincushion pattern… 😊

And Viktor…the last days of school…the prom and all the fuss we had with his suit…I’m so happy it turned out as he wanted…you see…they sold the suit, tie and everything he had put away while waiting for the right size of suit trousers to come ….HUH!

But the shop did a great job fixing everything, the boss flew the suit up from Stockholm, the tie came from elsewhere, the shirt they had in the right size…so it was a big big relief that he could dress up and look this handsome!

The prom were held at PiteÃ¥ Havsbad a grey and not so warm evening, but oh how lovely they looked together…Viktor and Alva (his friend and tennis companion for many years)…

What a lovely day to remember … driving there in a sports car, walking the red carpet, dinner and dancing … and to be with friends.

Signing off with another chill mode… 😉

Back with graduation pics and other June happenings…

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4 Thoughts on “What happened in June…

  1. Loving the catch up.xx

  2. aquilterstable on 9 July, 2018 at 15:44 said:

    All very sweet! I love the photo of you and the mobile. 😉

  3. Lee Berchak on 9 July, 2018 at 18:51 said:

    What beautiful family photos!

  4. Love the look on Stella’s face looking at the bumble bee mobile…she is so cute. Congratulations to Viktor on his graduation…wow, so grown up now, they looked so lovely in their party outfits. to hear from you... :)

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