Still catching up…couldn’t let you miss the photo of the cutest midsummer girl!

Midsummer was spent in Arjeplog with my parents so they could see Stella a little bit more…and also to take a look at our family’s old family cradle that had been restored so that Stella could use it.

Need to fix photos of that one!

I made a wreath for Stella to wear on Midsummer Eve. This year it was lots of flowers to chose from, remembering years when only daffodils, or forest flowers were blooming when Linda and Petra was little…

So I was happy finding violets and queen Ann’s lace…

And Stella was the cutest ever wearing her new dress and this wreath on Midsummer eve…

That smile …đź’—đź’—đź’—

Now this Midsummer could have ended with a tradgedy, but happily it didn’t.

My father had a fall into the stream that goes behind the house. He was working with the fence and lost his balance and came under water (very cold). We don’t know for how long he was in the water. But with a a great deal of luck he managed to crawl up and come home. With his balance it was an effort. Water filled boots and mud all over. What makes me mad is that no car stopped and helped him, even if he tried to call their attentions. After a hot shower and lots of blankets, he made a fire and finally stopped shaking… it was a chocking experience.

So we had a HAPPY Midsummer after all! Phew…but that was a close one! Wish my father wasn’t so stubborn!

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3 Thoughts on “Midsummer sweetie…and a tremendous luck!

  1. You are a clever Mormor and Stella looked such a beauty ❤️ I think your dad also showed what great strength and courage he had to survive his fall and get home. Xx

  2. quiltfairy33 on 30 July, 2018 at 21:32 said:

    Glad your father is okay after his cold water misadventure! I have a stubborn father too. :-) Lovely picture of little Stella, what a cutie!

  3. karenlogcabinquilter on 31 July, 2018 at 06:17 said:

    The crown of flowers on the baby’s head… pretty. Makes a wonderful and memorable picture. to hear from you... :)

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