Little Miss Stella… or her full name… Stella Teresia 💗

how mesmerised can a Mormor be…it seems like A LOT! Have now been a grandmother or as we say in Sweden “mormor” for a plus five weeks now…and it’s lovely!

I’m so fortunate to live close, I can walk there and be there quite quick..either to annoyance 😉 or to help out or just to be able to get a bit of a cuddle.

This picture is from when I held her the first time…so precious…what a special moment in life..💗

And Morbror (uncle) Viktor and Stella much love…

Tried really hard to get the quilt finished…but I gave up…no use trying…days were spent visiting Stella instead…but I managed to get the wreath of flowers and hearts on the quilt…

How cute isn’t baby Stella on the quilt…here she is two weeks old.

Next thing happening…we had a party to prepare and focus on…Petra turned 30 so we gathered family and friends (30-35 people) for a happy day. How I love these happy family reunions…so happy my parents could come…dad just had a big surgery but felt well enough to come and my mum had longed for it was so nice it could be done.

Dad, Mum and Stella, Daughter Linda and Molly, Petra and Stella and the happy new little family Jimmy, Petra and Stella.

Now everything have slowed down a bit…and I’m back to pick up where I left…to finish some quilts … have some waiting!

Stella’s quilt are now prepped and ready for quilting…her name is also added…and I’m going to try and hand quilt this one…something I haven’t done in years…not sure how it will go…but I will try and as Louise said on Instagram…one stitch at a time…will follow that advice.

Now I hope I won’t forget my blog and post a bit more often…I wish myself good luck 😉… see you all.

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12 Thoughts on “So this miracle came…

  1. Beautiful post MormorStina.

  2. How very cute…congrats on becoming a grandmother. Very special…loved the happy family photos

  3. Beautiful in every way, she is precious! I know how much you have looked forward to this moment and I know you will enjoy her to the fullest. Keep posting pictures so we can watch her grow!. Much love Marie

  4. Catherine S. on 23 April, 2018 at 16:26 said:

    How lovely to have a new baby in the family. Congratulations on your granddaughter and best wishes to the parents of baby Stella. Her quilt with added applique flowers and hearts is so special and beautiful! Enjoy your baby cuddles.

  5. Patty on 23 April, 2018 at 16:58 said:

    Loved seeing into your lovely family! I’m so happy for you and all your family! Stella is very precious and darling! I look forward to seeing more as you watch her grow! God’s Blessings!

  6. All things beautiful. 🌸

  7. Lee Berchak on 23 April, 2018 at 18:19 said:

    Beautiful baby, and beautiful family!

  8. Elizabeth A Senser on 23 April, 2018 at 20:41 said:

    What a special time for you and your family…Stella is beautiful and the quilt you’ve made for her is so happy…look forward to watching her grow…xo

  9. enjoy your new little girl………so good you do not live too far away and can enjoy her too………..

  10. She’s absolutely beautiful! Enjoy every moment with her!

  11. aquilterstable on 24 April, 2018 at 06:53 said:

    oh how precious! We have a new granddaughter coming our way in a few months. The quilt you are making Stella is beautiful!!

  12. Louise on 27 April, 2018 at 22:34 said:

    She is so precious! to hear from you... :)

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