My son Viktor have this thing with the first day of January…he see it with such positivity…clear days, cold and crisp weather and just fresh…I really need to try and do the same…instead of burying myself and complain over darkness and cold days. So I will try…maybe add more colours and do more with happiness…so bring on HAPPY JANUARY!! :)

Did start a new quilt at the beginning of December and crazy me thought I would had a finish until Christmas…silly me…like there isn’t a million other things to do in December…and I always forget I’m not super woman! 😉

Have had this idea of making long skinny trees for ages …have had them drawn up in sketchbooks, different types…but never gotten to actually make them…so now I decided to get a go…and how fun didn’t I have…I became totally addicted by the trees I made. The only thing I did decide was what colours I would use and what size the quilt needed to be… and to use up some scraps! No block sizes no thoughts on how to sew them, just to go with the flow.

Knew I wanted a happier palette to work with than the common tree colours, so I chose pinks, purples and oranges and low volume for the backgrounds… Was inspired by the colour of the sky on some winter days here… just love when it has this ombrĂ© effect…From purple at the bottom to pinks and then to orange. Amazing is what it is.

First trees were made pretty quick once I had decided on the colours…long stems and scrappy fun trees…in happy bright fabrics. Just made the trees up while sewing…skinny here and chunkier there…

Like the non predictable kind of sewing…what becomes …BECOMES… I feel more free …more creative when not ruled by a lot of measurements.

Miss Molly was sick during my sewing (her stomach again) so she snored away while I used the sofa as a fabric storage/organiser of some kind…lol… ( she is now better, but the vet wants to test another kind of allergy food for her)

Added low volume trees with pink and purple backgrounds to get a little bit of interest and to get the winter sky effect that I wanted…

Wasn’t sure of this purple larger tree block but when having it up on the design wall for a few days I realised it was just perfect… needed a bit more colour to the background.

Now to the puzzle game…to get this quilt together…do I need to say that mathematics ain’t my skills…so it’s a brainier for me..phew…lots of mis cut pieces but …well…this doesn’t bother me so much…you can always add a piece to it when you love the scrappy look… PERFECT I WOULD SAY 💗

First section done…and this is about how far I came before Christmas chores and other makings came in between…more of this in another blogpost or two… :)

Can’t wait to get back to my HAPPY TREES again…just need to declutter my sewing area and set my mind on sewing again after happy family gatherings … boardgame playing …good food and chocolate…this is for certain not good for me but decided to treat myself this Christmas…and so I did! See you soon…and Have a Happy January dear friends…💗

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17 Thoughts on “2018… New Year and New Possibilities…

  1. Happy New Year to you my dear friend. I am in Viktor’s camp. I cannot wait for the old year to be gone and the new one to bring with it positive feelings and fresh hope. The trees look fabulous and I hope there will one day be a

  2. Sue Schultz on 2 January, 2018 at 17:35 said:

    Happy New Year. I love your happy trees. Your color palette is perfect.

  3. Patricia East. ( friend of Shirley's !) on 2 January, 2018 at 18:12 said:

    A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you Stina! Beautiful trees, I love them! xx

  4. Patty on 2 January, 2018 at 18:25 said:

    Stina, HAPPY JANUARY! As well as Happy 2018! Love your trees!!!đŸ€â€ïžđŸŽ¶

  5. Katy on 2 January, 2018 at 18:38 said:

    Very happy palette and love the trees. Happy new year to you and thanks for sharing. I’m always so happy to see a post from Stina!

  6. Elizabeth A Senser on 2 January, 2018 at 19:43 said:

    What an uplifting post you have given to all of us out here. I felt so good reading it and loved all of the photographs. Can you remind me again where you are located? Keep up the happy work! Happy New Year!

  7. happy new year!
    love love your scrappy trees…the colours are gorgeous!

  8. Lovely colours, reminds me of winter

  9. Hey Stina! I LOVE your crazy trees! I can’t wait to see this quilt finished. You have a wonderful talent for working with low volume fabrics that I think shouldn’t work … But you wave your magic colour wand & they WORK PERFECTLY!! So lovely to see you sewing & having fabricky fun again! :0) Glad Miss Molly is feeling better. Summery Bear Hugs from 32C Australia! KRIS xx

  10. Louise D on 3 January, 2018 at 11:15 said:

    Hej STINA! Vilken hĂ€rlig början av Ă„ret med vĂ„r- och sommarfĂ€rger som man blir sĂ„ glad av. Vi hoppas alla pĂ„ ett Gott Nytt År 2018 ! Kram Louise D

  11. I agree, you have a wonderful talent and gift for color and magical whimsy. These are very happy trees and I believe must reflect your inner (and outer) spirit. We can’t control things that happen, but we can choose how we think about these things, and how we frame the story we tell ourselves. Go Viktor! January feels like a fresh start, or in my case, I’m calling it a restart, or starting again— carrying on in the face of joy and adversity- what else can we do?

  12. Your trees are so happy and cheerful! Certain to take away the winter cold blahs! Looking forward to seeing them all together! They are perfect!

  13. I really love your trees….great colors!!

  14. Ooooh Stina, I LOVE these fun little trees. As always, your colors are gorgeous and go together perfectly!

  15. Have a Happy New Year. I love your pretty trees. They brighten up your winter.

  16. garnet on 3 February, 2018 at 07:31 said:

    sew enchanting to hear from you... :)

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