I tackled the next block for Scandibee…the August block for Mariana in Spain (@cosertejercrear) … and I had been such a good girl and prepped these before I left  home… :) …guess what…well did I cut the right sizes? … NOPE… of course I didn’t… so we tried to see if Louise had the same fabrics… but not…so I did what I (and Louise) does when running out on something…we piece it!

I don’t mind at all I think it adds to a quilt..but not everyone likes it…so I’m not sure Mariana does…if not I will sew another block for her… What do you do? Rip it up and sew totally new fabrics to the block? Or like us? Maybe something else…share please. 

Do you see where it is pieced? If I hadn’t told you…would you have noticed? 😉

Nice to have caught up on the Scandibee blocks… Septembers block instructions are coming any day now… :)

Enjoyed seeing some of Louise’s new made quilts…

Love this colour combination… 💗  This is a quilt made from joining in on a sew-a-long on Instagram and on @fixer_of_old_quilts feed.  Love Louise’s happy colour choices.

And finally I got to see the quilt Louise did in the class we had with Krista Hennebury here two years ago… which reminds me that I haven’t finished mine… it will come :)

Isnt this clever… sewing her initials into the border of the quilt… 
This quilt is a happy splash of colours!! Makes me jump with joy! Happy happy happy :) 

Next quilt is her latest quilt made from Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts… she has done quite a few of them…how many I don’t know…Louise you have to share how many you have made  :)  This quilt is called En Provence… 

See if you can see the pieced fabric here… 

You can imagine the lavender fields don’t you … it’s a beauty…

This is a dose of what I got at Louise’s … love the menu.. :) more of that!
Will show what I started when being with Louise in my next post… see you 

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5 Thoughts on “With Louise…

  1. I love Louise’s use of vibrant colours. Lots of inspiration and no I would not have noticed the pieced section. I had to look for it.x

  2. Oh my goodness! The lovely quilts! ♄ And piecing fabric together to “make fabric” is an old trick that has saved the day a few times for me too. Just part of the beauty of creativity, I think.

  3. Hey Stina! Isn’t it lovely when spending time with a friend recharges your creative batteries! :0) I think piecing your fabrics to get the right size is exactly what early quilters would have done, especially since they were usually using leftovers, scraps or recycled clothing … something you excel at & I love seeing in your quilts. Wonderful to see you sewing & quilting again after your healing time. Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  4. Gudrun Ryberg on 15 August, 2017 at 13:40 said:

    Vilka lĂ€ckra kviltar Louise sytt!Tycker dina tyger passar sĂ„ bra ihop,sĂ„ man ser det knappt.Var hittar man alla fina block–Scandibee?kanske nĂ„gon intern sömnad:-))
    SÄ spÀnd pÄ vad du syr pÄ nu.

  5. boy, it sure looks like you two have had a good time. Beautiful quilts, all around. I especially love those beautiful pink baskets!!!

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