to finally get my acts together and drive down to Östersund and visit Louise… all I can say is that I didn’t remember how far it was… 😉 phew… it took me 9 hours… 

Have feared driving because of my headaches… now it was time to test myself and just do it! And I did it!! Yay to me! 

Beautiful art by @parscaeli

Of course I got tense and got headaches but that was minor to my happiness of being with my beautiful friend Louise…

Had a lot to catch up on… sharing this and that under some quilts in her lovely garden watching her husband and son build on their new patio… 

Found some quilts that I have made at the house… that’s happiness…

Love her warm cosy friendly home filled with lovely quilts everywhere… this one brought lovely memories from a trip we made to Trondheim and took a class with Gail Pan and Leanne Beasley… how fun wasn’t that! Isn’t it gorgeous!

A work in progress… some Splendid Sampler blocks added with added blocks of her own ..and it’s a pink burst of joy!

Ain’t this one just it… a typical Louise quilt in her pinks and blues with a splash of yellow!

We also managed some sewing the first days… in between catching up, rest and the busy life in the Short family with visitors, visiting and sleeping over grand children and Louise’s care of her parents… this family does everything with the heart and fills me with such peace and love

July Scandibee blocks made by both me and Louise for May Kristin in Norway (@krispquilt) ….Lots of Flying Geese in a lovely colour way in greys and aqua.

Thanks for being all this to me Louise…

More to come in another blogpost … see you!

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4 Thoughts on “Took me four years…

  1. Proud of you Stina for making your trip inspite of your worries and seeing your lovely friend. The smiles say it all. I shall be eagerly waiting for the next blog post. One day I shall visit Louise with

  2. Melodee on 11 August, 2017 at 20:28 said:

    What a lovely post, nothing compares to spending time with quilty friends. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilt pictures.

  3. Nine hours is a long drive to make in a day, bit you did it!! Now that you’ve concurred your fear, you are free to roam! Enjoy your lovely visit with your dear friend. I’m sure you will leave feeling rested and filled to the brim with happiness.

  4. karenlogcabinquilter on 12 August, 2017 at 15:48 said:

    It is so good seeing you out and about. to hear from you... :)

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