Loved the first issue of the Simply Moderne magazine that I bought 2015 in Birmingham, so I bought the second issue when it came out..only because of the front cover…because I knew that my daughter would love that was even perfect with turquoise background ( her fav colour at the moment;) )

So when they moved to the house last year and she talked about making a special room for herself …a makeup and walk in closet room..I immediately thought of this quilt. But things got delayed for them and I had enough on my own plate. So the quilt was set on back burner…until this spring… when I asked Petra if she wanted a quilt for the room ( not at all obvious nowadays 😉 ) and when she said yes I told her I had a quilt in mind but wanted it to be a secret and asked what colours she preferred? And low and behold..she said PINK … huh… how did that happen?  :) But that suited me just fine..I was happy and obviously I had the right pink fabric for the background too…phew… 

So the day of the horrible terror attack in Stockholm I started cutting to keep my mind of worrying over my brother and his family caught up in all that happening. 

Tv was on the whole day…cutting like a fool…and thinking of my lovely daughter in her soon to be makeup room…

Say hello to Elsa… who had come to stay after Mums accident…and is now living with my daughter. She was supervising me in every little detail on this quilt… 😉 while Molly was snoring from the couch 😉 pattern was quite big so it needed to be worked with on the floor. Am starting to feel a bit old… 😉 phew

I decided to cut up my log cabins in quarters and puzzle the stag together …hate waste of fabric… 😉  Love that quote… think I need to work more with what I have …feel such a pleasure when I do just that. 

I did my breaks…sun loving as I am after the winter… enjoyed “fika” in the old church town whenever we could! And went back working on the quilt. I decided on to straight stitch the stag down…to make it more modern…and I also know this quilt won’t need washing that often …

Excited…Molly…obviously not 😉 

But I was…I decided to use three different variegated threads to give the quilt a bit of life. There were only little left on the spools so I spread the different threads evenly on the quilt, so it wouldn’t feel odd if the thread ran out…and I like the effect! Had my mum here with me and she reminded me not to sit too long… 😉 can easily happen when excited. 

Spring got closer and the first flowers started to show, we found new places with flowers me and Molly… and the quilt had to be packed down…because of the move. Here is Molly in her new home that she adapted as hers at once…she even wanted to go to bed in the new flat while we were cleaning out the old one. That’s a good sign :)

Spring continued…my favourite trees started to bloom and I could sit out on my balcony sewing down all the wonderful beads that my lovely friend and clever idea hatcher sent to bling up the quilt! Of course it should have beads and sparkle when in a makeup room :) And this I knew would be loved by my daughter… so a gazillion of beads were least until I had enough of them 😉 

This will be it for tonight… next part will come soon… see you soon :) 

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7 Thoughts on “Stag nation quilt…part one

  1. This post fills me with such happiness. To hear you sounding so positive with creative energy given all the hard things happening is a truly wonderful thing. Well, I know what is coming next and for that I am eagerly awaiting. I think this new move is the start of great things my

  2. What a tease you are can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Love the photos and the quotes

  3. Deb Cox on 6 July, 2017 at 03:40 said:

    This is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.
    You have a talent in so many ways and it is a gift to bring a smile from the work you share.

  4. Thank you Stina, for reminding me to be thankful for the very many wonderful things in our lives. Hugs!

  5. Lee Berchak on 6 July, 2017 at 06:53 said:

    I am so eager to see this new quilt; I can hardly wait!

  6. Dear Stina and Molly, what a charming post! I totally agree with the first comment by Shirley! Can’t wait to see this special quilt at your daughter’s room and perhaps some sneaky peakys from your new home! Hugs to you and Molly! x Teje

  7. Kim on 18 July, 2017 at 02:06 said:

    I just love how you keep moving toward the joy in life. Creative, strong and loving person that is you shines through here. 💗 to hear from you... :)

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