Sorry for the delay…got interrupted by beautiful weather…and I needed to be out and enjoy the sun 😊

Stag Nation Quilt… happy to have this quilt delivered now…and with that I can share it too… I was so excited to deliver it I hadn’t time to get myself a quilt holder 😉 so the pics will have to do… but managed with a bit of creativity…

Early morning I set my goal to our little town square and took a few pics…

Like this picture…think the colours came out best here…

Bleeding hearts isn’t that a pretty flower? I do love the birds in the crown of the stag…

Found this little sitting bench in the shades… loved it… rustic but also pretty. Did try to hang the quilt in the lilacs too but was more sun there… so it was more challenging taking a good photo…

Happy I could stretch the quilt in the branches…had some hooks with me and the ever trusty safety pins 😉

And another close up …the beads do look good doesn’t they… :)

Background shining through a bit..but hey…that’s how it is and supposed to be…lol…

Decided to go back to another little park…the Daniel Solander park, yepp that Solander that sailed on the Endeavour and happens to be an ancient relative to me… a bit of history lesson 😉

The smell was heavenly at this park..the roses and the lilacs…had to sit in the sun for a wile just to enjoy!

Another close up…love the look of the sparkly crown …

And this pic will make me remember the lovely smell…and the gorgeous day I took photos in this beautiful little park. Flowers…they makes me happy! 

Walked on to my daughters house…took pictures on the way…but none really turned out great…took its time so daughter called and ask where I was…ooops…hmmm… 😉 I was the one telling her to get up early…lol..because I was coming by… 😉

But I think I was forgiven when coming with a gift… 😉 it’s always such a happy feeling giving a quilt away and to see the happiness when giving … and she got really happy…she even did go out in the woods with me trying to get a good photo of the quilt… let’s say the photos became so so…we were in way too much hurry…and there were ants too… 😉

Here she is…Petra… and her quilt Stag Nation in pink …:)

Cant wait to see it hang in her makeup room on her sparkly wallpaper when everything will be finished in there…shall try and take picture of it then… wish me luck 😉 

Happy summer to all of you…enjoy sunshine and rainbows … whatever that inspires you… be here and now and take care!

Over and out from me with a picture of my peaceful and wonderful balcony … one chair for Molly and one for me… 😉 Btw…do you see all the lovely flowers… they were a gift by the lovely couple Mr and Mrs Sherratt… happiness indeed!! So happy :)

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8 Thoughts on “Stag Nation…part two

  1. You have Stinafied your balcony perfectly and Molly looks very much at home sitting there in her chair. The quilt is divine as I knew it would be. Xxx

  2. Sharon T on 9 July, 2017 at 00:34 said:

    Such a beautiful quilt, and lovely story. I wish this quilt was mine!

  3. Wow! This is soooo oo wonderful!

  4. Hi Stina! I looove this quilt and the beads are perfect! It’s totally super beautiful and will be fantastic in your daughter’s special room! I’m happy to imagine now you and Molly on your cosy balcony stitching and eating goodies! Hugs! x Teje

  5. Gudrun Ryberg on 9 July, 2017 at 09:28 said:

    Ytterligare en underbar kvilt du skapat.Vilken lycka för dottern att få den.Lycka till med din nya boplats och så fin balkong du har.Blommor är en lycka och inspiration också med de vackra färgerna.Ha det riktigt gott och jag gläds åt att du bloggar igen. Hoppas du har något nytt projekt i huvudet eller i symaskinen:-))).Kram Gudrun

  6. Patricia East. ( friend of Shirley's !) on 10 July, 2017 at 13:53 said:

    Your Stag Nation quilt is beautiful! I love the beads and the crown . Well done!

  7. Boy Stina, you’ve had a LOT going on in the last few months! The Stag quilt is gorgeous — look at all those beds! I’ll bet your daughter was thrilled!!!

  8. Lee Berchak on 9 August, 2017 at 03:43 said:

    Your daughter is so fortunate to receive such a lovely quilt from her talented mother!
    I do love the quilt. What’s next? to hear from you... :)

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