Yes.. I signed up for another year with my lovely Scandibee friends…almost dropped out …but I wanted to be in the bee this year too…it’s such a lovely group of sewing friends…and friends you need!

This year some have left and some new have come in..and I’m looking forward to sew for all and learn more about the new girls. 

Scandibee runs for twelve months, we are 11 quilters and one month free is from sewing…decided on December since it’s such a busy month. We are all queen bees one month each…when it’s your turn you present a block to the others. And then they sew for you…and this is the best part…just cashing in beautiful blocks when it’s your month…it sure is happy mail coming!

I signed up for January…thought I had a great idea…and sewed that block up…and I wanted to make that one myself in my specific Birmingham bought fabrics…(more of that one later)  Happy I had lots of blocks to chose from …and I think this block is even better for a bee… easy and fast to make and not too complicated…don’t let the block fool you…it’s challenging enough with its colour and variation. The gorgeous finished quilt and the tutorial for the 3/4 log cabin block can be found on Ara Jane’s blog.

I chose happy and bright …and solids …no low volume…huh…how shall this go… ? TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW! Yes! ❤️️The two blocks above are the blocks I sewed up for my bee friends as a reference. 

And then the magic started to happen…blocks started to come…

First to come was from Annika in Sweden….who sent three, (top right is mine) since she had a little hick up with one…and I’m happy she sent it..cause I love it…it shall be used with happiness…gorgeous colours chosen!

Next to come was from Helene in Denmark… it’s the top left and bottom left…and she added a bit more yellow and blues…and I so love how it’s transforming..

And then these beauties came…to the left it’s blocks from Karen in Denmark and to the right blocks from Ruth in Sweden…and they are just as amazing as the others…love the different sizes ..makes the quilt look interesting.

It’s quite exciting to bee in a bee like this and letting go of the control…it’s hard…I’m a colour freak and I change pieces all the time..does that one fit there…hmm…no I change to that one…how about that one? Hmmm…and so it continues…it’s a long process… and that’s the part in making a quilt that I love most… and so to this …learning to let go… and be in the hands of others…and to see a quilt come to life…not as you had imagined before your eyes…and not too far either…its magic! And FUN.. and a good experience! You learn a lot! 

And then it came blocks from Mariana in Spain…that added a bit of sunshiny orange to the quilt (her blocks are top right and top left) … and look at this…it’s love! ❤️

Am waiting for the rest of the blocks to come..and can’t wait for them to come…only a few left now… this will be a happy Scandibee quilt to put together!! 

Otherwise January have been a really tough month with lots of headaches ( three weeks in a row ) hope I found out the solution of that…let’s hope so…have had some days off now and am sewing again…  ❤️️…take care out there! 

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5 Thoughts on “January Queen bee ? …that’s me

  1. Wow! It is looking amazing. Well done to your bees. They have certainly done you proud. I can identify with the choosing of what to put where colour wise and I find it the hardest decision. I like most colours.

  2. quiltfairy33 on 5 February, 2017 at 18:03 said:

    I really enjoyed this post and reading about your process! It’s not easy for me either to have a vision for a bee quilt but not know if that will be the result. But it’s so, so fun to make quilts with a lovely group of ladies. Your January quilt is looking fantastic! Am sending you good vibes for no more headaches. Enjoy your sewing time. :-)

  3. Oh wow — how fun! Looks like you’ll have a beautiful quilt when all the blocks come in!

  4. This is really so cool!!! You made good choise for the block because everyone makes a little bit different but still happy colours and with the simple block they looks all together just amazing! x teje

  5. Gudrun Ryberg on 7 February, 2017 at 15:33 said:

    Vilken läcker kvilt detta kommer att bli.Måste vara en trevlig “resa” tills den är klar.Vet du vilka tyger de andra väljer?(Jag kanske har missat något av det du berättat:-))’
    Hoppas du får en bra februari!!
    Gudrun to hear from you... :)

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