I belong to a small but really cute group of creative ladies… we are only four…and this Christmas I decided that I wanted to give them a little gift … so I made us all mug mats to use when we enjoy our “fika time”…?

Since I was sewing with only scraps at that time, I continued my mission to sew some of them up… found already cut 1” squares in my boxes and used up almost all of them…only needed to cut out some more from the yellow and green scrap bins. Looks like I have sewed less with those colours.

A tiny tiny heart made…

I first made the blue one …for The Lady Blue…?

and then a pink one for The Lady Pink… ?

and of course a yellow for The Lady Yellow…?

And at last for The Lady Green..she needed one too ? ( and surprisingly this one is mine…not the pink one ☺️)

Scrappy backsides… ????

And scrappy on the front… how I love scraps!!

It was very fun sewing these… think I need to make some more to have at home…❤️️

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9 Thoughts on “Four mug mats…

  1. Such cheerful colors on a snowy windy day

  2. Louise D on 10 January, 2017 at 21:00 said:

    Visst är det härligt att sy. För mig blir det riktig avslappning, bättre än den nu populära mindfullnes,som jag tycker är så “segtalande”dvs det tar för lång tid innan nästa ord kommer.Du har ju lyckats få rosa på baksidan och nga tyger känner jag igen från mina scapslådor. Redan i år har jag sytt en topp 120 x 180 och tre dukar-löpare.Kram Louise D.

  3. They are tiny treasures and well worth the effort and time.

  4. They are a delight! And you are an inspiration to use those leftovers! Sorting by color would be a good first step. thank you for sharing. Toni

  5. quiltfairy33 on 11 January, 2017 at 00:45 said:

    How sweet are these! And even more charming with the scrappy bindings. :-)

  6. What a wonderful quartet of mugrugs! Not sure I would have wanted to give them away!

  7. Hi Stina! These are super cute and fun! I was thinking how you chose colour for each but perhaps that was easy. Backings are also beautiful! x Teje

  8. Gudrun Ryberg on 11 January, 2017 at 09:54 said:

    Oh,så söta och så härliga i de fina färgerna.När jag såg den gula såg jag tussilago framför mig.Har du sytt så små som av 1″?MIna minsta är 1 1/2″:-)).Nu inspirerade du mig igen, då jag går i tankar inför Alla hjärtans dag.Tack för fina bilder du delar med dig!

    Kram och ha en fin dag.

  9. Those are adorable Stina. I love how you used different colors. But what I really love is that you’re back to blogging on a regular basis!!! ;-D

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