Had no intention of making such a long pause from my blogging, I think I said somewhere in a recent blogpost that I would try and blog more… 😉
Well, now that didn't happen so bare with me!
Lots of personal things have happened, big time stuff for me, and hard time too. Still tough and will be for a while, but after this shit …I hope I'm in for some good times!
You who have read my blog for a looooong time know I struggle with health issues, and what can I say …I still do…I still struggle…I search…and haven't been well yet.
I have now found out that I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, and it's an autoimmune disease that attacks my own thyroid, and if not treated as it should it soon comes new autoimmune diseases… And so it have…it now attacks my stomach as well…So the uphills have been no fun…
So I started to sew (read try) to keep mind occupied. Thought I was going crazy! I started to sew on my Road To Recovery:) there were bumps daily in my life…some huge ones..some smaller ups and downs… Days better…days worse… It was still bumps…
So I just sewed together pieces from scraps, cut out a bump and appliquĂ©d it…
But not even that did go as I wanted, was even hard to pick up sewing. Slow mind, always tired, pains, the stress, the always there mad heartbeats and heart dunks driving me crazy. And the non existing sleep..two hours a night ain't good and this have been going on for quite a while… Was diagnosed with thyroid problems 2011…just recently I found out myself about the Hashimotos … Thank goodness I am stubborn!
Let's say that during all this my relationship with my partner suffered, and he couldn't understand all this, did not want either, and who can blame him ..I didn't either.
This spring it ended up with a separation and I have now moved to my own place.
A happy place of my own…will show pics later…
Have now lived here for about two months and I love my place but know I can't stay here forever which breaks my heart …it's too expensive.
With the move I also decided to do something about my diseases… Can't wait for something to happen..and Docs to rule my life…so I have contacted a Functional Medicine Nutritionist …and we have now started the treatment.
Will be an interesting journey..I hope..have had setbacks already since my body is so sensitive to changes it reacts to everything…but I hope that with a bit of positivity and some sunshine I will improve this summer!
Hashimotos really sucks!
Need to learn to love myself again and do the things I love… Will try my best every day… And even challenge myself with some sewing… Got a tip yesterday from The Healing Hashimotos Summit…and the speaker Stacey Robbins .. To do 100 days of Gong … This is an explanation from her blog:

A Gong in Chinese is a designated amount of time that you allot to perform a specific task daily. For example, knowing that it takes at least 90 days for a particular good habit to “burn into” your nervous system, the 100 Day Gong is the most appropriate length to practice. This means that we pick a particular practice (or set of practices) and designate them as our Gong and we diligently practice them every day for 100 days without fail. This means that if you miss a day, even if its day 99, you start over. Not only does this build resolve, it forces us to wake up and pay attention to our day-to-day routines. It is incredibly painful when you miss day 46, for instance, and have to start over. At first you try to make excuses to yourself about how it was OK and how you’ll just keep going, but then, a deal is a deal
you start over. Next round, you pay attention! It is a wonderful way of not only building focus and determination, but also to ensure that you train regularly. It is a dedicated act of self-love that snaps you out of your daily trance and brings the light of awareness to your consciousness. The more we practice, the more we wake up and the better off we are.

And a thought got into me..maybe I can do something sewing related for five minutes per day …or maybe do that mindfulness more frequent … In some way I will try! :)
Have a lot of bumps to sew! As I said didn't come far..and this is how far I have gotten until this day..it's a work in progress and have no idea whatsoever on what will become of this..
It's just a Road to Recovery… :)

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24 Thoughts on “Im back…kind of… :)

  1. Shirley Sherratt on 19 June, 2016 at 11:29 said:

    You have explained things so well that I am in tears. Keep on the right track and you will get there. Stitch a bump a day and they will grow and eventually you will be on a straight path. I feel for you my friend. Sending you love.???

  2. I am really touched by your story…I totally understand…arthritis was my battle…I have to tell you there is an answer to all the ails…I ask you to take some time on You Tube and study with Joseph Prince about the Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ…there is real power and healings for everyone in Christ…Here is a link to a playlist that I know will bring you the relief, healing, peace, and rest you need and your Heavenly Father wants you to have desparately…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNGvS7gz_EU&list=PLdWuXrr5-_tZmaC9zTrrEnjir7_ZfKXYt

    Also, there is a 24 hour prayer line Silent Unity that has walked with me through years of living in this world of confusion, injustice, and darkness. I am telling you now…they pray over your need for 30 days and within that 30 days that thing is changed for the better and will not be bothering you. The phone number is 1800-Now-Pray.

    More info: http://www.unity.org/prayer

    (online prayer website https://www.unity.org/prayer/request-prayer)
    and their website allows for prayer requests and shares some of the most powerful meditations, wisdom, and peace you would not believe until you experience it for yourself.
    It is with all the love and compassion in me I am sharing what I know will help you. Many many blessings child of God…Keep moving forward and press through the crowd of painful thoughts, hateful past experiences, doubt, and fear and get your miracle which is in Christ Jesus….He freely gives …you have but to receive. I will keep you in my prayers and trust that your answer/healing will come speedily.
    Looking forward to hearing of your miracle healings in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Sincerely, E.

  3. Deb on 19 June, 2016 at 14:15 said:

    Please take care my dear. And thank you for sharing. I am so sorry that you are having this journey. I too, am dealing with physical issues and it sucks, but……………we shall carry on with a reason. I like this “Gong”. Even in a modified state (-: Creativity hopefully will help you. It does me when my hands will let me do it. The brain keeps going but the body is hesitant at times. I do like your little bumps that you have sewn. Gorgeous. Quite appropriate! One day at a time and take care.

  4. Congratulations on taking charge of your life! Good luck with the nutritionist! I firmly believe, as Plato said, you are what you eat.

  5. Marica on 19 June, 2016 at 16:29 said:

    Lots of hugs for you my friend ????

  6. aquilterstable on 19 June, 2016 at 16:47 said:

    So sorry to hear what a rough time you’ve had. Hoping for better times ahead for you!!

  7. karenlogcabinquilter on 19 June, 2016 at 17:08 said:

    I was thinking about you just yesterday. So good to see a post from you but I am so sorry to hear about your further health issues and your separation. How is your son doing?
    The bumps you are working on is very interesting. I like the shapes and the idea behind them. And they are done in colors that are so you.

  8. Anna-Greta Johansson on 19 June, 2016 at 18:46 said:

    Åh Stina, jag hoppas det löser sig för dig framöver, med hĂ€lsa och ev. ny bostad. Inte lĂ€tt nĂ€r allt tycks sammangadda sig. Men pĂ„ nĂ„got sĂ€tt brukar det gĂ„, om man bestĂ€mmer att det ska gĂ„, och det verkar du göra! Jag tĂ€nker pĂ„ dig och hoppas du fĂ„r bukt med hĂ€lsoproblemen.

  9. I hope you will continue onto better health and the bumps in your road soon smooth out for a wonderful journey. All the best to you.

  10. Lee on 20 June, 2016 at 00:47 said:

    Stina……thank you so much for sharing. You are an inspiration to so many of us! I love the “Gong” idea, & hope that practicing it helps you to feel better. You do have many fans around the world, which is no easy thing to accomplish……..get well.

  11. lots of hugs to you…I hope that all of your issues continue to improve…and your bumps become less and less

  12. life does go on beyond difficult times although when we are in it is is hard to see forward…………take care of yourself and I am glad you have popped back in here………keep up the sewing………..hugs

  13. Keeping you in my thoughts, Stina. I think you are amazing – your attitude towards the challenges you’re facing is so positive and inspiring. Keep that attitude and pushing back at those bumps in life’s road, Stina. Adding my hopes that it will get better for you and that good things in life are heading your way. Kramar…

  14. Hi Stina! That is quite a lot to deal with. Your sewing looks beautiful and I hope it takes your mind to pretty things. I wish you all the best and hope you will be better soon! Good Luck for the new journey! x Teje

  15. Thinking of your from the other side of the world. Let’s hope those bumps get smaller as the road to recovery progresses. Hugs.

  16. Kristin on 21 June, 2016 at 04:47 said:

    Thinking of you. Very touching post and sounds like a great step forward to the life you want and need. I love the quilt start. Each bump is a step conquered. Hugs!

  17. Barb on 21 June, 2016 at 13:14 said:

    Are you familiar with the book, Stop the thyroid Madness? Very good. There is a web site by the same name. Fellow tyroid madness sufferer.

  18. Stina, what a beautiful and honest post. I have been on this autoimmune journey for 15 years. Hang in there and be gracious with yourself.

  19. My favorite saying is “Life is not for amateurs”… I know a little about how you feel, and can relate to a lot of what you say. I was diagnosed after being very sick just before Christmas, and it turned out that months of fatigue and feeling sick was an autoimmune illness. My immune system is attacking my liver, and I’ve had several set backs and I’m still very sick. I am so glad I have my sewing and knitting to help me stay saine, I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t sit down with nothing in my hands… lol! I really hope you finally can get back to your happy place and sew a little and do other things you like. Now that you know what is wrong, it’s easier to deal with it, even if it sucks big time to have that diagnosis. So sorry to hear you had to go through such tough times, but I hope you will find the calmness you need to feel good when you settle down. It’s not easy for friends and family to understand, especially if they haven’t been ill and gone through some tough times themselves… I have been out with friends one time ( yes, only one time out for a coffe) since November, so I’ve felt a bit lonely now and then, even if I just haven’t had the energy to meet up with anyone. I’ve had my family around me all the time, but missed my quilter friends badly! I hope to be able to go to my local quilt guild meetings again when autumn is here, and go visit friends again soon. I’m glad I have Facebook and Instagram to share stuff, and I have even been doing more photography again, which is fun :-) Counting my blessings you know. Sending you lots of hugs, and I hope you will be posting on your blog more often, you are such an inspiration :-) Feel better soon, stay strong dear Stina. After downhills there will always be uphills 😉 Hugs

  20. Oh dear! I hope you will get better soon. Your little bumps have made me laugh — surely they will help!!!

  21. Lori Saporito on 2 July, 2016 at 22:43 said:

    I am so thankful that you are working with a functional medicine nutritionist! That is what I do. It will be challenging to change habits but you will have more success in other areas of health. Best wishes!

  22. Every day you get a new start — what do they say, “Don’t look back– you’re not going that way…” You are stronger than you think. You’ve got doctors on your side, a beloved pet and quilting for therapy. I got faith in you. Keep blogging. Very few people live in their ‘dream house’. They make it their own. You have tons of beautiful quilts and the talent for more…. You have a great story ahead.

  23. You can do it…you can conquer those bumps…hugs x

  24. Hello Stina 😀
    I have been thinking about you often, and when I saw on FB that you are changing appartment I had to read backwards on your blog.
    I have not been very active on my blog for either, due to hypothyroidism. It is not under control …yet…
    Wishing you all the very best and less bumps in the road <3
    Hugs from Hanne

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