It was so fun sewing secrets again…
And at this time of year…with Valentines day coming up…
how about some hearts!!
Lots of photos today…hope you will enjoy!
Louise was in my thoughts…
Wall hanging, mug mat or a little quilt for Oliva to play with… :)
I don't mind as long it's used!
Mug from Pip Studio…love it!!

Marica was in my thoughts too…
Grr… Cant link names today… Marica is at
Don't you just love those mugs…
They are from Pip Studio…a real pleasure to enjoy tea time with!
Shirley was in my thoughts too…
You will find Shirley at
Had a lot of fun sewing these hearts even if they were tricky to remember which way to press the seam allowance… Used my seam ripper lots!
A Spring mug with a little birdie …to celebrate spring …Pip Studio as well
and a framed little stitched saying…
So much fun…and the best was to suprise my friends with these gifts!
And do you know what…days have been longer… WOHOOO!! :)

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8 Thoughts on “Spreading some love ….

  1. I am still smiling at your beautiful gifts. I am going to use the little hearts somewhere at Sarah’s wedding. It is perfect. I am blessed to have such a great friend. Xx

  2. Love this post. Great projects….I just love hearts.

  3. Louise on 29 January, 2014 at 14:07 said:

    The mug is so tea friendly to drink from! And I use the heart quilt, (hands off Olivia)!

  4. Beautiful Stina! Just in time for Valentine’s day too!!!

  5. big sigh those dishes with the quilts exquisite!!! they make the winter bearable

  6. Sweet hearts and I love the stitchery.

  7. De är ju helt ljuvliga – vilka underbara hjärtequiltar!!! Jag blir alldeles mjuk i knäna av att se dem. Kan inte sluta titta – och i den bästa färgen av dem alla…….. ;-))

  8. Lovely gifts and i’m happy that I got one of this toghter with a lovely cup to use my coffee/ the to drink in to hear from you... :)

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