This year I got the most wonderful Christmas presents from my friends
so so happy to have them around…
knowing they understand all about me!!
Louise spoilt me AGAIN….. As usual!! 😉
A little lovely ginger men wall hanging … LOVE it!
A perfect addition to my brighter Christmas decorations…
Don't recognize the pattern so it was a total surprise… Does someone know??
Do I need to say I love the colours she had used!! Recognise the border fabric from one of our buys in Las Vegas… Oh…that memory is the sweetest… The USA trip…
Ã…sa…gave me very thoughtful gifts…
Dont know for how long we have been talking about having some tea and see Miss Potter…. Now I can see it whenever!! :) I long for a home alone weekend!! Lol…
And a diary… Cath Kidston… Perfect… Will write my blessings and happenings in it!! One of the things I had thought of to do for 2014… now will my sweet Sara and Anna from rehab team be proud of me!
She also gave me…Two lovely tins for the kitchen… :)
And as a total surprise…told her not to send…
But Shirley totally surprised me and Viktor this year …
And her gifts came a day I really needed them…so for that I am extra thankful for!!
Molly had to check them of course… As usual…with all packages…really really exciting every time !!!
Viktor got lovely treats…yummy ones!!!
Jelly beans and gorgeous Chocolat …from her hometown!!
And I was spoilt again…
From the same shop…Mr. Miles… Even more wonderful Chocolate….how does this sound…creamy white chocolate with strawberry, raspberry and meringue pieces… 😉 YUMMY!!
And with tea from the same shop… So fun with local products!!! :)
A white decoration for my new white Christmas tree… It was a bit bare this year… So it came very much needed!
And to top all those gifts she gave me a pink and cream Burleigh milk can. Made at a pottery in Stoke-on-Trent!!
It's so so sweet of her… Do you think I have enjoyed my tea this holiday!!
What would life be without friends????
Thankyou friends for thinking of me this Christmas…
you made my Christmas!
My sweet daughters also gave me wonderful gifts
Linda helped out with all the preparation before Christmas…
and Petra and Jimmy treated me with lovely scents from Victoria Secret...
hmmm…why didn't I shop that when I was in THAT shop in California…???
I also ordered my own Christmas present …just for me…
Can you guess??? 😉
See you!!

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5 Thoughts on “Christmas presents…

  1. Your friends clearly love you and I am glad that I completely ignored you and sent you something that really cheered you up that day. You are a special lady and deserve to be spoilt. Love the gingerbreadman quilt and in particular the pink hexagon fabric. What a find.

  2. Vilka underbara presenter du har haft lyckan att fÃ¥! Men det blir sÃ¥ – ljuvliga saker till ljuvliga människor. Ha det underbart!

  3. Beautiful presents Stina! All the best for 2014 :-)

  4. karenlogcabinquilter on 12 January, 2014 at 15:08 said:

    The gingerbread man stitchery……so cute!

  5. Oooh, what a lovely lot of gifts you have there Stina! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Potter and have it too — have fun watching. I can’t wait to see what you bought for yourself! to hear from you... :)

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