Oh my goodness….I sure wasn't prepared for the cold that came…having such a mild winter around zero…and suddenly hitting -32C (-25F)… Brrrrr….
It sure went through my bones!!!
Even Molly had trouble jumping on three legs sometimes….
But one thing for sure..when it's cold …it's pretty:)
Love the colours
In my sewing room sewing is done… I am acting!! :)
The Sew Along is in it's fourth week…and joining the blocks to something is this weeks assignment …
So I am fiddling along with my WIP… Maybe you remember the block I made from Cheri Saffiotes blog…way back in time… That one was my target … wanted to add to that one..and thought the log cabin blocks would be nice for that…
Still haven't decided on what to really make with everything…guess I will sew along!! :)
Secret sewing has also been on my to do list…and I am making progress…and can soon cross this from my list! Will show soon!!
See you…
remember… Keep warm!!! :)

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6 Thoughts on “A little bit of this and that…

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, Georgeous. You are acting very well. It is so pretty in all its winter coat. You included.xx

  2. It is true, cold can be beautiful. All the trees were frost covered this morning and it was gorgeous.
    I love your little sewing project. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  3. Stina wearing pink…..of course!

  4. Oh Stina — I LOOOOVE your little quilt in progress. I love the colors. I love the log cabin blocks and I LOVE that applique. It’s all fantastic!!!
    It’s nasty cold here too, although not as cold as where you are. You look so cute all bundled up — stay warm!!!

  5. You’ve not lost your eye for color or your talent for turning fabric and thread into amazingly creative works of art! Love this one, Stina! Wonderful to see you sewing and creating once again.

  6. Oh my gosh, Stina, it’s still mighty cold there in Sweden. I live in a warmer climate now…only -40F windchill here in southern Wisconsin, rather than -50F of MN. So I say, Ha-ha Old Man Winter, while your winter has it’s beauty, please get out of the way soon so Mother Nature can bring us some warmth and pretty summer things once again! Please!!

Hej...love to hear from you... :)

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