And hooray to me…
I have sewn!!! 4 blocks…
Can you believe how happy one can be over that…
it's like a miracle…because I had fun!!
Four blocks on my scrappy trip around the world
It wasn't easy…because I had to start all over again…
trying to remember where I had left off …and how had I thought…
And of course…in all my happiness of sewing…what did I do?
Sew wrong of course…so the seam ripper was my best friend!!
Well…anyway I have sewn that's the most important thing…
and then first of advent came in between…
so a little interruption in my little sewing had to be done…
This year I'm going for a WHITE CHRISTMAS
Yepp.. I bought a white tree… And what can I say… I love it!
It's like light therapy
So I'm smiling every day I light the tree and all the day along!!
( Lars said the tree had a disease of some kind…
hope he will love it as I and Viktor do!) :)
All the decorations are done…very little this year…for me… 😉
Something new and I feel good about it!
Now when all the decorations are up
hopefully I will get into sewing spirits again…
It sure would feel nice… :)
Hmmm.. Maybe I will bake some lussebullar today…. Think so… :)
See you!!

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16 Thoughts on “December time…

  1. I LOVE the colors in your scrappy trip — they’re beautiful. As is your pretty white tree!!!

  2. Jag tycker att det lĂ„ter som om du har det bra och som om du tycker om det du gör – och det Ă€r hĂ€rligt att lĂ€sa! Det Ă€r underbara fĂ€rger i din scrappy trip! Vad kul att se din fina, vita gran – ska snart ta fram vĂ„r ocksĂ„ :-)) Ha en skön adventstid!

  3. Pink and white and so pretty. If it makes you happy then it is a good thing. Yippee to the sewing. Pleased to see your scrappy trip around the world make an appearance. Trying not to think about mine in bits. It is going to be fabulous.xx

  4. Karin Moran on 5 December, 2013 at 18:42 said:

    I love your Christmas pictures…was hoping for a picture of the whole tree. :) And the quilt is lovely!!!

  5. Lovely Christmas decor. And your scrappy trip is wonderful!

  6. Bravo for your blocks !!
    Do you know I’m looking for a white tree too !!
    Have a happy week !

  7. Your quilt looks fantastic, I love all those colours together like that. The white trees look really really nice and I am tempted to get one for next year too.

  8. Good for you to be back in that lovely sewing room of yours. me, I’m in a hiatus right now, waiting for more supplies to come over the big water. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Your white tree is so pretty. It suits you well. Merry Christmas, Stina.

  10. SÄ hÀrligt att du Àr pÄ gÄng

  11. Och halva kommentaren försvann pĂ„ nĂ„got sĂ€tt 😉 skickar per mail om det sen

  12. Vilken ljuvlig sömnad du visar oss! LÀckra fÀrger. Tycker du gör sÄ mysigt hemma hos dig och jag tycker jag ser lite snö.
    Ha det gott.
    Kram Gudrun

  13. Yay for the sewing…pretty white tree, very happy…

  14. Din scrappy trip ser hĂ€rlig ut! Om du kollar min blog, sĂ„ serk du kanske nĂ„gra “bekanta” tyger i min julsömnad 😉

  15. Love, love, love your scrappy trip!!! And your Christmas decorations…BEAUTIFUL!! Happy 2014 to you and your family.

  16. Gott Nytt År! to hear from you... :)

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