The quilt we made for Karin and Chris…said I would post more pictures of it…and here they are….
( how could I forget to post about it!!! ) happy I looked through the photo album!!! :)
We also forgot to take pictures at morning so… Evening light it will be!!!
The nine patches are 3 1/2 inches
Louise cleverly patched the nine patches as well… Think it's brilliant and pretty!!
The back is wonderful…made by Louise…she really did a wonderful job on that one!!
Love the different stars and the patched strips in between…
A pretty label
Love this quilt very much… And best of it all…so does Karin and Chris …and Camille…the cat… 😉

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3 Thoughts on “How could I forget…THE QUILT…. :0)

  1. The quilt is so pretty and love the blocks with the made up fabric, nothing wasted and it adds something really special to it. You both did a fabulous job and no wonder it is much loved and prized.

  2. What a beautiful quilt. The back is as lovely as the front. Good job ladies!

  3. It’s beautiful Stina!!! And the back should be a front! ;-D to hear from you... :)

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