Even if I have been back in Sweden since the beginning of August, I still haven't left USA in my thoughts…have had a really wonderful time… :)
Since I came home I have been busy busy… Didn't even have time to think of the jet lag …
first up visitors from France…cousins on visit… It was fun even if it was too short!!
Molly dressed up …in Viktors OLD handmade pearl necklaces…Too cute..:0)
Helping Petra and Jimmy in their new apartment with putting up wallpaper

Love Jimmys monster shoes... :)

A whole day at IKEA…shopping…Petra and Jimmy for their apartment… Viktor for his room…that finally were going to be upgraded from child room to teenage room!!

Viktors room BEFORE!!!

So putting up wallpaper in Viktors room…painting… sewing new curtains…Fun fun…and then seeing the final result and having a happy teenager… That is reward enough!!!

Thanks Jimmy for supervising the assembly!!

In all this I started Garden Rehab … Part two…
With all what that means…
But everything have been OK…been tired… Feels just that I haven't landed yet… 😉
Decided that I really NEED to do something about my sewing!!
So the first part was to REALLY declutter the sewing room…the room really needed some help…
Because of all the painting and redoing of first the downstairs…and Viktors room…in some kind of strange way things just have been carried upstairs and left there…and yes I do have my sewing room there… 😉
So I started this… when Petra and Jimmy left for vacation in Turkey….and that is what I have been doing for almost two and a half week!!! GOSH! I am throwing away my old life…at least it feels like that… :)
A lot of stuff have been taken to REPRIS ( the recycle store) and a lot have been driven to the dump!!
Don't know when I will be finished…it's going so SLOW… Have come to the fabrics…sigh…
So I have been thinking… I might sell some of it…maybe put up an FOR SALE page on the blog…
This one will probably be only in Swedish… Well I don't know… :)
I don't know if anyone will be interested… But better if it comes to use and since I have changed style from Country to more brights..I will probably not use them for a long time!
So this is what I am doing today… ( and some more days…hopefully!!)

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3 Thoughts on “Hello Sweden… :0)

  1. Takk for en flott reiseskildring fra USA. Nå begynner jeg virkelig å glede meg til min tur. Og skjønner at jeg må ha med ekstra koffert :)

    Lykke til med opprydding/oppussing av syrommet. Tror nok det blir godt med en ny start der. Noen ganger har man bare for mye på syrommet og da er det godt å kvitte seg med noe. Jeg har bla solgt flere store norgespakker stappa med stoffer i farger som ikke er meg lenger. Bedre å få det unna til noen som vil ha det og få noen kroner for det, enn å bare ha det liggende der til irritasjon. Det som kanskje du syns er gamle stoffer, vil en annen synes er skatter. Lykke til. Gleder meg til å se nytt syrom :)

  2. You have some fantastic memories of your trip. Lots of decorating keeping you busy.

  3. Wow — Viktor’s room looks so cool now — I’ll bet he loves it! Have fun with the decluttering — I really need to do that too — I started, but can’t seem to get rid of some things… ;-( I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cute little quilt on the back wall of your sewing room! 😉

Hej...love to hear from you... :)

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