Lovely days at the quilt show had to end….lots of quilts to look at…lovely fabrics to buy…
Found lots of Kaffe Fasset fabrics… This is me with one of the shop owner who had a nice selection of KF fabrics… Think we were there twice…lol
Walked home to the hotel…pretty satisfied with everything ( except for more brights then… 😉 )… And a perfect stop at Subway…to tired too look something else up!!!
Put up our feet…and just sighed and smiled!! More fabrics and lovely ones!! We already had decided to split most fabrics…and so the big cutting began!!
At the evening when John returned…we had packed and weighed our bags…and believe it or not I could have fitted another 5 kilos to my bag!!!
Had late dinner at a Diner called the Long Beach Cafe… And can't help smile when remembering Louise and John …. The look on Johns face says it all… Leave my food alone!!! :)
And one thing for sure…I won't miss the large portions …this time I got half of a chicken!!!! Oh my!!!
Back to the hotel…up early..and off to LA LAX…where chaos ruled…it was very unorganised and not much worked…but we got up in the air…seeing America again from the air…Chicago next…
In Chicago we really hit the prize…we got upgraded to business class…and it was LOVELY!!!
Our own tablets to watch movies, champagne , three course dinner….and the best… to be able to sleep comfortably ( even if it's hard to sleep..the rest was wonderful ) lovely breakfast in the morning…
The flight back home really made a difference!!
Long hours waiting in Helsinki…but managed to do some pink shopping… A Pink and turquoise raincoat 😉 …some just had to take a nap!!
Short fly over to Arlanda and Stockholm… ( another Marimekko pattern on the cup this time) Making calls home when getting there… More waiting for trains to take us home…John and Louise to Östersund …and for me the night train and later on bus home!!
Little sleep but oh so worth everything!!
What a fantastic trip I have had…
Louise and sincerest THANKYOU to both of you… From my heart!!
And lots of thankyou to your friends Karin and Chris, Jack and Myra and The Grassman Family for welcoming me with such hospitality and warmth!!
This I will never ever forget!!

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6 Thoughts on “End of my trip to USA…

  1. Really an awesome trip !!!

  2. Phew! Did you rush out to buy some more fabric to fill the space. I have enjoyed the journey with you. Now I want to know what pans you have for all that fabric.xx

  3. I also followed your trip and I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time. I live in Minnesota and I think you saw more of the U.S. than I have! So, so glad you were able to buy so much fabric and see the quilt show!

  4. Wow Stina. You had such a wonderful trip. It sounds like it took you awhile to get home after you landed back in Europe — you must live in the boonies LOL! And you got SOOO much fabric — you better get sewing! You’re all set for a looooong, cold winter!!!!

  5. Wov! Your trip was amazing! And I enjoyed to follow it;o) Now I’m anxious to see what you’ll make with the fabrics! to hear from you... :)

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