Ohhh….days are going fast …aren't they???
Why can't summer days be longer than the winter days…
Actually they are longer but it sure doesn't feel so!!
Rehab continues with interesting days…
Last weeks have been “intertwined” with each other so a lot of
repetition and digging into new things…
A new way of thinking …
and also a new way to express oneself…
based on what we feel
Non Violent Communication …
To be in more contact with your feelings!
Practise on to feel!!!
This weeks activity was to make a
“Feel Catcher”
So fun to play around a little…
And one day we had a day out and were introduced to
Polish sheep cheese!!
Oh my this one was sooooo tasty….
I loved it…think I ate three!! :)
See you…
– – – XOX- – –

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2 Thoughts on “Garden rehab…week 6

  1. Saying what we need and putting it into practice is difficult when trying to break the habits of a lifetime. Practice makes perfect. The feel catcher is a great idea and again you have used your creative talents in a positive way. The cheese pastries do look very tasty.

  2. Leanne on 1 July, 2013 at 01:11 said:

    Wonderful photos such lovely light and your feeling catcher is so pretty I hope it works.

Hej...love to hear from you... :)

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