Learning so much …
Learn to let go of things…life is right here and now!!
Had a burning day…
When we let go of things we dwelled on…( should, ought to…)
obstacles…things that prevent you from living …
stuff really hard to let go on!
Made a Tree of growth…
with my personal growing words to think of….
A geranium “tree”
(where Anna pinched of the buds so we couldn't chose the colour …naughty!!!)
Still no signs of buds… 😉
Note to self:
Keep on training on what I want and need!!
Learn to Accept here and now!
See things as they are…period!
Lots of things on my mind right now…
Learning and thinking a lot!! :0)
All for the GOOD!!
(Accepting a blurry and light … but kind of funny photo… 😉

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3 Thoughts on “Garden Rehab…week 4-5

  1. Hej Stina. Den Àr sÄ hÀrlig din blog. Jag har förresten lagt in den pÄ en sida i RikstÀcket, bland bloggarna som jag rekommenderat. Jag Àr med i styrelsen i RikstÀcket och har jobbat en hel del med hemsidan pÄ sista tiden .
    Det finns tyvÀrr inte sÄ mÄnga bra svenska kviltbloggar, men din blog Àr sÄ underbar med blandning av allt möjligt.
    Ha det bra

  2. Let it go. Think of the fun you are going to have on your travels. No holding back. Just enjoy. Much love to you.xx

  3. I really am enjoying this! In a way, we all know these things, but knowing and doing are not the same thing! Love that blurry and funny photo.

Hej...love to hear from you... :)

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